Will eBooks surpass printed books?

eBooks will surpass printed books

When you commute or travel using subways and public transportation you can see a lot of people reading. Well, are they using a tablet or a printed book?

Ebooks and printed books

So, will ebooks surpass printed books? Personally I see a lot of people still reading printed books. Most of them prefer to have a physical good and the pleasure to flip a paper page. This is because reading is still something split from the online world and it’s like an ancient island” people want to refuge from a over-tech world.

Unless you are reading an ebook on a Kindle Paperwhite I agree with it. Stare a lighted monitor for hours it’s a pain for our eyes and it can transform a relaxing activity to a stressing one.

But this trend is going to change by the next years. Not everywhere and, by 2018, ebooks will surpass printed books in two big countries.

Today, in the US, book market counts on over $9 billion coming for print and less than $6 billion from ebooks. This trend will change by 2018 when ebooks will reach almost a $9 billion business and Printed book will slow down to $8 billion.

The only other country that will face this inversion is UK, where, even though with a significant market difference, will see ebooks overwhelming printed books by 2018.

Ebooks will of course gain new market shares by the next years, even in the other countries, but printed books will always be the principal source of revenue in the Print Industry.