Web Summit Dublin 2014: The Italian startups!

Web summit ia

From November 3th to 6th 2014 Dublin will be the arena of one of the biggest worldwide tech event. Probably the biggest!

In just four years Web Summit jumped from 400 attendees to 20,000. But also 1,200 journalists and media, 800 investors and 2,000 exhibitors.

How they made it possible?

“While conference companies hire event managers, we hire physicists with PHDs in areas like complex systems and network analysis. They then apply that knowledge and understanding to the task of creating and optimising real life networks.

While conference companies typically hire experienced event planners, we hire computational physicistsapplied statisticians, engineers of all shapes and sizes, some folks who know a thing or two about machine learning and AI, and then some awesome front end developers.”

Among big names and giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, the event is a great occasion for international startups to meet, showcase their ideas and get in touch with investors and entrepreneurs.

Moreover several night events will give a huge business networking opportunity outside the exhibition.

The startups attending the event with ALPHA, BETA & START programs will be several, but what about the italian startups?

Since I’m a proud Italian, I would like to introduce some of the italian startups attending the event in a simple list. Below you can find some of them but, if you are reading this post and you would like to add yours, feel free to contact me and send a brief presentation in english with a link.

I think it’s a good opportunity to show new ideas from talented Italians.


Fazland.com is a cross-device platform developed by the Italian startup Midnight Call offering customers a simple and intuitive way to receive and compare quotes for house services, while competitive tradesmen can get in contact with new customers without any fix costs leveraging internet and mobile technologies.


Cityglance is the first social app connecting people on public transportation, all over the world. Our app helps every commuter to meet people on their journey and to connect to everyone they see while commuting. It works easily: you can Check-in on your route to see who is traveling with you and you can share your thoughts, photos and public transport notifications on the geolocated dashboard. Once you have Checked-in on a route, you can send your Glance to people around you and make new friends!


Trakti is a tech startup developing the first social transaction management platform that helps SMEs and SOHOs to share and close more deals safely in our cloud based application.


MYagonism: big data analytics & wearables for sport. MYagonism will lead the talent ranking revolution with app, analytics platform, wearable technologies and innovative fuzzy logic algorithms


Pedius is a communication system that allows deaf people to make phone calls using text to speech and voice recognition technologies. The user texts a message, and that text translates to speech at the other side of the phone call.


PhotoSpotLand shows you how to shoot Great photos in Great places, connecting people with common passions: travel, photography, culture. The platform is for those of us who still like to travel with “real” cameras in order to take images that a smartphone just can’t handle. It’s a mix between a travel site and photographer community, with a strong focus on helping you become a better photographer.


SudBazàr is ‘Made in South Italy’, direct to your doorstep. We handpick only the finest 100% Italian-made products from local produce growers and artisan food crafters from the South of Italy. We curate them with care, so that customers know that they are getting the very best, and deliver them direct to their doorstep with a reliable and efficient logistical network in place.


LogoGrab is a campaign optimisation tool, especially good for new product launches. With a fun and scalable call to action brands can invite consumers to learn more about their products and much more.


Crowdbooks is the only crowdfunding platform totally focused on financing, creating, promoting and distributing photographic/ art books. Crowdbooks’ main purpose consists in democratizing the world of publishing by supporting the production of photo books with a «community» business model of discovery, sharing and support.


Runtimate: Forget about how it was difficult in the past to carry stuff you needed while running or cycling. No more heavy backpacks or uncomfortable humbugs: Runtimate magnetic belts and armbands are the ultimate tools for outdoor activities. Through a neodymium magnets based system, the access to smartphones, towels, canteens and rain coats has never been this easy. All these accessories are magnetic and detachable.


Xetal (“ik-zie-het-al”) is a start-up founded in 2013 by leading experts in sensor networks. We develop beaconless indoor positioning systems that enable IoT, smart home applications, help elderly live better and hospitals to be safer.


Alleantia builds Cloud-Gate, the first plug & play solution transforming in seconds any device into a Smart+Connected <Thing>.  Join the Internet of Things, now.


Butlr is an innovative technological platform that combines tablets, computers, TVs, smart-phones with a smart, easy-to-use and reliable application that delivers to end users an exceptional and unique customer experience. The idea behind Butlr is to provide hotels with an integrated platform for the digitization of every hotel service that enables guests to interact from their smartphones with the hotel personnel and with local businesses in town.


WeLikeCRM: We are building a customer engagement platform for the age of data. The boundaries between the enterprise, employee and customers are disappearing. Knowledge, information and passion lives everywhere. Our main goal is to enable positive customer and employee experiences in this extended enterprise.


Foldesk is a web platform which breaks down the barriers to contribution and encourages people to reveal their knowledge. No sharing, no blogging, no browsing but CONTRIBUTION.


WordLift is all about Semantic Web, Blogging Platforms, Artificial Intelligence. It brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to Web Publishers turning editorial contents into actionable knowledge, aggregating contents from your CMS and helps writers find their audience with limited effort


Mailcoding is a web tool aimed to easy connection between people across the world. Have you ever had problem with the spelling or the understanding of an e-mail address? If yes, don’t worry. You are in good company. We overcome this problem by using only numbers. Linked to your number (your Mailcode), there will be every information you want to share, including social contacts. No less, no more. Sharing and querying a mailcode gives all the contact you need in one step


Nativa helps companies to incorporate sustainable innovation into their DNA, improve their business results, and create an authentic economic value; Nativa runs The Natural Step Italy business advisory operations and also develops new businesses that ‘by design’ regenerate humans and the biosphere.


CrowdChicken: We allow everyone to create their own crowdfunding platform. We are doing for crowdfunding what WordPress did for blogging and Shopify for e-commerce


News@me: It gives your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your articles and topics. A simple signup form with a minimalistic design at the end of each article. Create a unique bond between your readers and your editorial activity based on something valuable: their interests, passions and curiosities.


Nextome is an accurate indoor positioning and navigation system that allows users to locate with a sub­meter accuracy and access services associated with their location.


Houndr: Find products you like in stores near you, check in-store availability and compare prices.


Netberg: On a mission to create the world’s biggest online shopping centre, empowering the long tail of small businesses to be found and sell in a digital world.


Shin Software has created SHOWin3D to revolutionize online communication for marketing, ecommerce and training with engaging online 3D interactive presentations.


Cloudesire is an Italian startup selected to participate the BETA program. Our marketplace enable SaaSification for any kind oF web/win application. Across any cloud, within minutes, without coding.


WIB (Warehouse In a box) We’re reinventing retail with a smart Vending store that combines physical and digital shopping channel.


MarryClick is a crowdsourcing web platform created for the wedding photography. Couples who are planning their wedding can create and launch a job offer visible to all photographers registered on MarryClick and they may apply in order to be chosen as winners and to get the job.
MarryClick gives photographers and couples the opportunity to get just what they
are looking for.


Metooo is a all-in-one web application that allows you to build, boost and share your event. Based in Naples, Metooo will open new offices in London and San Paolo in the next months.


Splitci is an app that helps people to track down shared expenses. We are developing a payment system to allow users to directly pay back friends and settle up their balances. In the meantime, we are developing a “mini-social network” built around transactions that proactively learns from purchasing habits and leads people to the right direction.


Artupia makes the most of the outstanding chance offered by the web helping artists from everywhere to share and rate their works, giving users the great opportunity to discover new stiles of art and driving collectors to meet new talents.


Needle is the first mobile social network for vinyl record lovers and insiders. With the rise of streaming services like Spotify, we are losing our individual musical identities and the tactile aspect of music. Needle is a tool that want help the users to express their musical identity, discover new music and trade on the market with other Lovers, Record Labels and Record Stores.


ClubsMade’s mission is to organize the entertainment industry by becoming the only point of access for nightlife events worldwide. Basically the idea is to create a hub where users can explore the events and nightclubs  around them, buy tickets, book table reservations and as well being social and sharing everything on all major social networks.


Baylo is a social commerce platform, where people not only buy, sell or swap products, but also interact with each other and express their preferences. Baylo wants to offer online, the same commerce experience that you would have in a real flea market: users can bargain over, ask questions in real-time through a built-in chat, and be part of the community in many other different ways.


Memeoirs turns your digital memories into a book. Facebook conversations, Whatsapp images, Email threads: whatever form of expression you use, Memeoirs’ mission is to preserve it in time with a book giving it the significance that it deserves.


Etalia is a disruptive new Social media platform with a game changing business model for the publishing industry worldwide.


Cloubs is a real-time ordering app, which allows customers to order drinks directly from their smart-phones in crowded clubs.


Linkeb – A stunning mobile website in a few clicks. You’re just a few clicks away from the perfect version of your mobile website. Get more calls, emails and clients thanks to our call-to-action buttons. 


My Angel Care is a silicon, water-resistant bracelet with an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag inside that lets you see all the medical information (but not solely) regarding a child or a grown-up through a smartphone or tablet.


Appetitoso is a smart search engine for food, that allows users to search their favorite dishes, finding the best restaurants where tasting them.


Easy Dinner is an innovative app that is going to change the way people go out for a meal. Using the GPS position, it shows the nearby restaurant’s  exclusive offers. After that, all it takes is approximately 30 seconds, 6 taps and showing the app on your smartphone at the place of your choice to enjoy your meal. No reservation and no advanced payment needed… easy!


Kolektio is the only app that lets you collect moments, automatically. No more “Hey remember to send me those pics”, or “Haven’t I send you already those pics?”. Kolektio let you collect photos within a given period of time (moments).


Again, if you are joining the event or you want to report an italian startup going to Web Summit, contact me or drop your message in the comments.

And also, share this post so you can spread italian startups to the world! 🙂

Meet you there!

p.s. I’m creating a new area on TheWebMate dedicated to startups. You can upload your company information HERE and fill out the form. (it is under “add your product/services informations below”).