4 ways to boost your smartphone!

Our fellow mobile phone is following us everyday and everywhere. With an app you can do almost everything but, there are still something it can’t do.

Pictures and camera are one of the main reasons why people is enjoying so much their device and Instagram success was born just around it.

But digital makes our pictures just pixels without the opportunity to keep a tangible souvenir of our best moments. So what about a portable printer that lets you print in real-time your memorable moments?

This amazing gadget does just this. Easy to bring with you and ready to impress your best shots.

pimp your smartphone

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Do you like sun and green energy? So why don’t you take advantage of sun and day light to recharge your smartphone?

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Singing in the shower it’s a way for you to stress out? Mobile music apps such as Spotify and Deezer are the best way to enjoy your favorites songs and music. With Spotify you can even decide a pre-set playlist for every single moment of your day. Like running, working, brainstorming and much more.

What is your favorite music under the shower?

Whatever it is, you will appreciate this wireless shower speaker. It is a bluetooth device, indeed you can keep safe and dry your smartphone playing your music while enjoying your shower.

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If your iPhone’s battery lasts just till noon you might wonder if there’s any solution for the problem. One of the perfect one is to have Mophie as a cover. Mophie iPhone 5:5s Space Pack

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Mophie not just gives you a solid protection to your iPhone but it also gives you an extra charge (up to 80%). Moreover if you are looking for an extra space to store your files you can buy the Space Pack with 32Gb memory included. In this way you can always access to external files stored inside the battery-booster cover.


So, boost your smartphone!

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