3 tools to extend your smartphone battery life

extend your smartphone battery life

In the 24/7 connected era we are overusing our smartphone with thousand pictures, social media, notifications, messages and emails. Every year a new shining smartphone born with new functionalities, a more powerful camera and hardware, a more fluent operating system, but always with the same common issue: battery life

If we are talking about iPhone than we are touching a sore point of the Cupertino’s jewel. The point is, why improve the hardware when a battery can’t handle it?

I think that one of the most important factor when we choose a smartphone should be the battery life, since it’s something we are carrying all day long and often it’s not easy to recharge it on the way.

Unless you are buying a phone with a longer battery life, you don’t have many solutions to boost your stamina, except turning off some connectivity options as Bluetooth, 4G or wifi. But in this way you are loosing a big part of the reasons why you paid so much for that smartphone.

Apparently one of the smartphone with the longest battery life is the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 with almost 15 hours duration. (just FYI)

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Ok but, if you already have your brand new device you might be wondering how you could extend your battery to last the entire day.


Below, I have short listed some cost effective solutions to leverage your autonomy and extend the battery life to many hours.

1. Anker Astro Pro2

Anker is famous for his external batteries and this is one of the top you can find out there. With a limited weight and three USB dots you can simultaneously charge up to three devices. With a full cycle you can recharge your iPhone up to 10 times. Thanks to the high battery capacity, (20,000mAh) you can multiple recharge your devices during a day and the handy LCD will show you the percentage remaining at a glance. 

Anker Astro Pro2 External Battery

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2. Anker Astro E4

If you are looking something similar to the Astro Pro 2, but with a little low performance the Astro E4 is perfect. It has two USB ports and a capacity of 13.000mAh. With Astro you can recharge your iPhone up to 6 times and phones such as the Galaxy S4 up to 3 times. The four status LEDs shows you the battery life left. 


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3. Mophie Space Pack

I have already listed this product in another post but it’s too cool not to be mentioned when we talk about iPhone’s battery life. Mophie Space Pack is an external battery-cover that gives you around 8 hours of extra charge to your devices. Moreover it also gives you 32Gb of external storage. I have been using this battery for several months and, size apart, is absolutely worth to use. For many, keeping the original thin and sleek iPhone’s size is fundamental but, you could always simply remove it when you can count on a regular charger.

Mophie iPhone 5:5s Space pack 1More about this product

Of course there are other solutions that can suit with your recharge necessities but these products are tested and effective. You can discover more Mobile solutions clicking on the button below.

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