Tech industry prefers men and white people

tech industry prefers white people

There are many industries and each one has its own habits and internal policies, sometimes not written. Tech industry seems preferring white people among its employees.

In the chart above, are listed the most famous tech companies and the percentage of people working in divided by ethnicity.

Over 60% of Google employees are caucasian 

Over 60% of Google‘s workers are caucasian, 30% Asian and just 2% Black. Same thing for Twitter: almost 60% is white and just 2% black.

Unlike Black people, Asians have a strong dominance in companies such as LinkedIn, where the diversity share hits the 38%, and Yahoo (39%) and Pinterest (42%)

Even in Facebook diversity is pretty balanced between Caucasian and other ethnicities (57% caucasian). The biggest Black dominance among these tech companies is in Apple, HP and Ebay. Hispanic have the biggest presence in Apple, Intel and HP.

The “whiter” one? HP.

What about gender?

tech industry prefers white people gender

The strongest male presence it’s in Cisco with the 77% of total employees and Intel (76%). The best for gender diversity are Ebay, Pinterest and LinkedIn with a 42%,40% and 39% of female presence.

In any case, tech industry seems to prefer white and male employees, preferably with a bachelor degree with honors 😉

Source: Gigaom