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Are you using shopping apps? Here is the average usage

Mobile shoppers are growing even if a large…

What is Meerkat and why it is the app of the moment

What is Meerkat, the app evaluated $40 million just a couple of week after its launch.

If you are a tech lover and you are following the recent news, you probably…

Online shoppers still prefer buying from desktop

WhatsApp on desktop: A new tool for enterprises?

WhatsApp, the famous messaging app…

[ITA] Wearable: quando la pubblicità bussa sulla nostra pelle.

“In 400 ft turn left”

Con una leggera vibrazione…

Want to create a new app? keep in mind these 5 priorities

4 ways to boost your smartphone!

Our fellow mobile phone is following us everyday and everywhere. With an app you can do almost everything but, there are still something it can’t do.

Pictures and camera are one…

Proximity Marketing: what is changing the game

Once upon a time there was retail. People just checked in, look around and buy. Proximity marketing was represented just by colored and lighting posters promoting the local venues.

Later on,…

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