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Social wifi is the new challenge for Social Media and Online Marketing.

Internet is turning mobile and data plan are often too small and expensive to offer a fast and long connection. Offering free wifi in your business can be a plus for you customers and they will be happy to enjoy your internet connection in a safe and easy way. -> ALSO READ: THIS IS HOW FREE SOCIAL WIFI WILL OPEN UP A NEW WAY TO ENGAGE WITH CUSTOMERS How? wiMANis the social wifi network¬†that allows you to share your wifi in a simple, fast and safe way. Login is easy and you just need your Facebook or Google account to login. In seconds you’ll be online and if you are a business owner you can get useful and precious insights about your customers.

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Social wifi is becoming a real time marketing tool because you can have live insights on your customers and you can launch email marketing campaigns to reward your best customers or to invite them with targeted and appealing offers. Customer experience, loyalty and social media marketing are just some examples of the many faces your free social wifi could assume.

Take a look to this great video to better understand how it works:

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