Social Media and Brands: More Money, More Social

social media and brands

According to a recent poll held by WildFire, the 27% of brands have an average Social Media Staff of 50 employees. This number rise with the dimension of the company. In fact, for brands with an annual revenue over $1 billion, are 45% the companies with more than 50 employees involved in Social Media programs.


But which are the department investing more in a Social Media and brands Strategy? Of course Marketing and PR are the most important in shaping a brand strategy but Customer Experience and Sales are increasing their presence. Especially for Startups and Tech Companies, Social programs are an important part of the sales cycle and lead generation. 48% of them are using Social strategy for their Sales Department

social media brands 1

An average 50% of all brands use a combined in-house and agency strategy to achieve their Social Media goals and 67% of companies say that Social Media budget will rise. One of the most quoted area for this investment will be Brand Marketing.

social media and brands

What is the percentage of Marketing budget allocated for Social Media? The 45% of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies spend more than 5% of marketing budget on social, the 80% of  Tech companies spend less than 5% of marketing budget on Social.

This is the social media and brands scenario for the next years. What is the average investment of your company?