3 smart ways to light up your home

smart ways to light up your home

Before the connected-devices explosion there wasn’t so much ways to light up your home, fancy lamps and candles apart.

Today with the revolutionary internet of things, and LED lamps also, we are able to change the way we were used to interact with lights.

Do you remember the old tv shows set in the future where people clapped their hands to turn the lights on? It was pretty fascinating at that time imagine a world like this, where you can control an ambient lighting with a gesture or with your voice.

Personally I love the idea of voice controlled home appliances and as you can imagine that futuristic scenario is already here.

Couple of weeks ago I came across a new incredible product on Kickstarter, the famous funding platform. It is called Vocca and it simply allows you to turn any light bulb into a voice controlled one, without any wifi, Bluetooth or setup. Crazy? Yes! and the video is even funnier and straight to the core purpose. How many time happens to be already into your bed but you have to stand up just to turn the lights off?

Well, apparently it happens to many people and the project has already funded more than they have set. The campaign is still running at the day I’m writing this post and I’m sure we will soon control our home lighting just screaming like crazy 🙂

So, today, how can we smartly light up our place?

There are already a few companies in the smart-home appliances business. Here are some of their products you might want to use to light up your home with a geek touch that will impress you friends!


LIFX is a wifi connected, multi-color LED light bulb that you can control with your smartphone. The options available are not just the app control and colors but also a setup light notifications, multi controlled lights, security mode and lights programming. Just to give you a couple of examples you can light up your home even if you are away as a safety mode or setup the light to turn on a specific time to help you wake up. Furthermore using it for a business, like a bar or restaurant, you can create warm and elegant environment connection multiple light bulbs and changing colors.

LIFX Edison Screw Light Bulb

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Mipow Playbulb is a combination of light and music control, at the same time. Yes, because incorporated in each light bulb there’s a speaker that you can activate and control with the MiPow app. The app is compatible with the major smartphones running iOS and Android. This smart-light is great to create a nice ambient in your room or even for places where there isn’t enough room for a sound system. Despite the other light bulb, you cannot change colors.

PlayBulb Smart LED

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Of course in this new fast changing home-lighting environment can’t miss one of the biggest company in the industry. Philips Hue does pretty much the same things as LIFX does such as: using the timer option to turn hue into your morning wake up call, turn your wireless lights on or off remotely. You can also set your lights to come on at a set time, perfect if you’re away on holiday but you want people to think you’re still in. Everything is under your control with the Hue App connecting lights through the Hue bridge.

Philips Hue

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I will certainly enlarge this list soon with other cool products to help your home change its light mood and make it smarter! In the meantime if you know other products feel free to add them below in the comments and I will include them in the post!

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