Share your knowledge, there’s always someone ready to learn from you

share your knowledge

Internet has opened the opportunity for anyone to learn anything. Today we have just one best teacher and mentor, for literally everything. He’s name is Google.

If you have a doubt, a question and you need to learn something new you just need to google it. We are in the sharing economy era and we can learn a new job or a new skill almost for free. In fact most of the content we can find online are free of charge and always available.

We can learn from the best experts worldwide and get real time feedbacks from other people in our same industry. A single blog post, like this one, can reach an incredible amount of people.

While this online freedom has opened a new era, we also have to deal with the downside of it. In fact, since there are so many information, sometimes it’s hard for us to manage the overflow we are exposed to.


The learning process

The risk, when we really want to learn something new, is to grab fragmented pieces of information from all over the web, and the result is that we don’t have a detailed and precise knowledge about the topic.

That’s why sometimes, especially when we are learning something new from scratch, it’s better to attend online courses. Online courses are made and designed with the purpose of giving you the information you need, plus the support of an expert, usually a trainer or the maker of the course itself.

Today, technology has enhanced new tools and ways to make online courses.

Learn, learn and learn

One of the most important thing for a person working in the online and tech industry is to know everything that is going on. A new tool, trend or news can make the difference in your business.

A couple of months ago I started following a great content marketer, Ali Mese, he reaches million of readers thanks to his Medium blog posts and online strategies. He has nurtured an incredible amount of followers and subscribers in just a few months.

When he released his course “From 0 to 1 million visitors” I probably was one of the first to immediately buy it.

One of the reason why I decided to attend it was of course because of the great content, but also because of the clean and beautiful interface of the course.

There’s always someone willing to learn from you

I started this blog in 2013 and I spend a lot of time learning new stuff, trying new techniques and testing new ways to grow an online business. In the last months I’ve been learning and exploring new ways to market and grow a business on Instagram.

I have read guides, studied the largest accounts and joined niche communities. I’ve also discovered the incredible hidden business behind Instagram.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social and it’s expected to grow dramatically by the next five years. Furthermore, it’s been a while since I am thinking to create a first brief course or an info products and I thought it was the right moment to start creating the first one.

Of course, I am not a social media guru, a so-called “top influencer” or a star, but I have tested and learned so many techniques that most of people and marketers probably don’t know.

So, less than a week ago, I launched my first brief course about Instagram: “Instagram Gold Rush: Learn how to create high converting landing pages for your Instagram Bio”

It’s an extremely niche course, but with a wide range of usage at the same time, since landing pages can be used for several other purposes.

How I made it and how you can make it

Today anyone can be a teacher. We are all unique with our own background and knowledge, and there’s always someone ready to learn from us.

I decided to launch the course using a simple and easy to use platform: Fedora.

Fedora allows you to create your first course in minutes and for free with an incredible user experience and design. You can upload videos, images, documents and written texts. I loved the interface and the opportunity to manage everything from a single place, like payments, affiliates and third party integrations (like MailChimp and SumoMe)

A new way to learn

Webinars and online courses have completely changed the way we learn and we share our knowledge. It’s amazing how you can learn new skills from all over the world taught by people from the other side of the earth.

Our sole limit is time. We can learn anything we want, but we don’t have often the time to do that. The real disruption of the e-learning business is this: you can attend a course while you are running, commuting or traveling. Time and distance are getting closer and the real limit is made by ourselves.

What you can do

E-learing could be your way to go if you have something to share or you know something better than others. I am sure you know something better than me or anyone else. 🙂

You can start asking your friends or colleagues, if there’s something they would like to know or to learn. Then, match your expertise with the demand and write down your ideas in bullet points.

You can, later one, start developing each bullet point and create chapters and sessions. Once you have them ready, you have three options:

1- You can create a video or screencast

2- You can create a keynote presentation and speak-over while showing the slides.

3- You can write an ebook or white-paper

Of course, I’d need another post to write the best practices to follow in order to create a course. And probably I’m not the best person to do that but, as I’ve said, we all have something to teach that someone else would like to know 🙂

What is your experience about that? Have you ever created or bought a course? Let me know!

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