The retail spending in real time

retail spending in real time

After the success of the real-time infographic, the internet in real-time, now it’s time for the retail spending in real-time 

Despite the huge and increasing rising of ecommerce and the large usage of online payments, retail and physical stores are still the main source of spending. In fact, based on the graphic, in 30 seconds over $2,770,000 are spent offline and just 273,900 online.

Of course we can notice that a big part of the income is represented by food companies. In particular, have a look to the huge amount of burgers and fries served by McDonald or the numbers of coffee purchased second by second sold by Starbucks. Of course americans love donuts as well!

So in just 30 seconds, americans buy 2,847 coffees, 2,222 donuts, 720 burgers and drink over 122,00 cokes.

It’s interesting the comparison among e-books and printed books. I would never say that in 2014 paper books are still so popular! Even big retailers as Best Buy and Walmart are still gaining the big part of the their income from offline. Best Buy has over 570 customers every 30 seconds and Walmart has a $ 265,400 in net sales in the same time-lapse.

Pet food and baby food are also products people are likely to buy offline, probably because they want to “touch” the product before purchasing it. Same thing for toys, both for pets and babies.

And firearms? Yes, in the States every 30 seconds $14,260 are earned from arms purchases.

So if you are thinking about opening an online startup or a business, think it twice. Maybe it’s better open a Restaurant, Bar or a pet store 🙂

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