3 reasons why Instagram is the king for fashion

Instagram for fashion

Instagram is getting really popular. Over 200 million users are posting pictures on the Facebook’s social like food, selfie, fashion events, naked bodies, duck faces, trending clothes, dogs and any kind of animal.

But not only. It’s the place companies are starting to test for employer branding, corporate branding and ads. The social platform, in fact, is rolling out a new advertising tool that will allow companies to promote their posts.

The core value of Instagram is, of corse, the appearance and, fashion, is the perfect industry for this vain social. Models, fashion bloggers and fashion companies are investing a lot of money and time for this reasons, and, new Instagrammers are making a lot of money just with their Instagram account.

If you are a fashion company, a startup, or you are evaluating the best social to adopt for your business, here’s why Instagram is the best one for fashion:

1. Fashion brands are the most engaged on Instagram 

According to Search Engine Journal, fashion brands, are the most engaged accounts on Instagram. Fashion addicted and photo-lovers love to see beautiful editorial pictures, campaigns and fancy stuff. It’s like flipping a fashion magazine and, fashion brands can engage with an international audience. It’ very easy, for a fashion firm, create daily great Instagram content. Editorial, new clothed, trending products and seasons collection are just some examples. Models are also very popular to attract your brand attention!

2. 68% of Instagram users are females 

Instagram is one of the best social, after Pinterest, for women engagement. Do you have shoes to show or trendy bags? I think this is the right place to be! Moreover an average user spends 257 minutes a month and 57% access the site daily. It has a hue engagements and pictures are of course the most powerful content online. Instagram for fashion  

3. Models are top users and great testimonials 

 Before, if a company wanted to create a campaign, should contact a fashion agency, pay a casting, pay the agency and pay the campaign. Instagram changed the game. Many influencers, fashion bloggers and models are contacted daily by fashion brands to promote a dress or an accessory just using their Instagram profile. Companies scout a model directly on the social, they reach out to them and send them the product to promote. Is the model to set up the shooting and decide, with the brand, the content to post. Every Instagram account could potentially be a business.  Thanks to the Instagram filters than, you can edit the picture with semi-professional effects. This new scenario has created new testimonials, models and influencers. Moreover, many famous fashion agencies ask their models how many followers they have on social media. Why? because clients are considering the model engagement before hire him/her for a job. Believe it or not Instagram is probably the most important social network right now. Not just for the fashion industry   



One of my favorite pic taken by @waynemaser for @vanityfairitalia. Total look #Chanel. #fashion #vanityfair #topphotographer #italia #freedompic #smile #blackandwhite Vedi su Instagram

May be there are more than just three reasons why Instagram is the king for fashion. But I think that these points have highlighted pretty well how social media, and Instagram, are changing the way brands interact with their customers, or followers. We have to think at Instagram as a worldwide showcase, always open to your ecommerce shop, where people discuss, converse and buy.

Even if you are not directly selling online, Instagram is a powerful (probably the most?) branding tool. One of the biggest limit Instagram has today, for my advice, is that you cannot add a link to a post, just in the profile description.

Maybe with the sponsored post, this feature will be integrated and will enhance companies to exponentially increase direct sales.

But Instagram is not just for fashion. In fact it’s largely used by automotive, food, personal care, tech industry and more. By the way, if you want to check out an Instagram account focused on tech, below is TheWebMate profile. 🙂