Online shoppers still prefer buying from desktop

Shoppers still prefer buying from desktop

Ok, we all love surfing online using our smartphones and ecommerce is growing very fast. New apps and websites are facilitating the purchasing process since brands are aware of the huge potential of m-commerce.

But online shoppers are not yet so confident to use smartphones to buy. Most of us prefer to check out prices, compare them and research products. But when it comes to pull out our wallet we prefer to do it from home, or better from our desktop.

It is understandable. When we use our smartphone, even if we see special offers, most of the time we are not in the shopping mood or we don’t have the time necessary to purchase. Sometimes the environment around us is not even helping the process. We are distracted or doing many things at the same time (ex. commuting, walking, !driving!, talking, or in a business meeting).

Also, the usability is still tricky on many websites. While a lot of brands have taken the leap into the mobile and responsive design, many other still have a really bad UI and UX that is not converting properly.

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The growing trend of phablet and smartphones with a bigger screen is helping increasing the conversion rate.

In general, iOS devices register a higher conversion than Android users. Smartphones have an average 0.92%, almost a third than a tablet.

Even if a tablet can be considered a mobile device, we should also have a look at our behaviors and the usage we do every day.  Usually a tablet is used during the evening while we lay on the sofa, or during our daily ride on a subway. Especially in the first case, we have the time and the required calm to finalize a purchase.

Another concern for online shoppers is the connectivity. A desktop connection is considered more stable and so, safer in case something is going wrong during the payment process.

Same thing for mobile devices. We typically consider a wifi connection safer and faster than a data connection.

What can you do to increase your conversion rate?

Mobile shoppers want everything to be simple, clear and smooth during the buying process. Here are some things to consider for your ecommerce or sales page :

  • Usability: Be sure the navigation is easy and intuitive. The layout must be responsive and the tabs big and tap-friendly.
  • Colors: Don’t use too many colors or try to use them strategically. Red, Green and Orange. Each one of it represents a specific psychological trigger that helps conversions. Have a look at this graphic for more info.
  • Testimonials: This is a good practice also for a desktop sales-page. Testimonials increase the conversion rate and trust on your product/service.
  • Check-Out: The check out, or payment process, should be easy and integrated with the major providers, such as PayPal, Stripe etc.

Do you usually purchase from desktop or from your smartphone? Let me know below!