No service available? No problem with goTenna

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The internet of things is all about connecting gadgets and tech devices with the internet.

And this is exactly what this new stuff does, even if there’s no internet connection. Remember the time you were without any data coverage or service available on your smartphone in the middle of nowhere or in a very busy spot?

Now you can just send messages and share your location with goTenna even if there’s no service available. How? You just need to connect your device via Bluetooth and open the app. Now you can communicate with the other person ( who will have the other goTenna) even if you are in an area with no service. Your smartphone will send the message to your goTenna, which will then shoot it out, via long-range radio waves (151-154 MHz), to the intended goTenna(s) up to 50 miles range.

Imagine you are out for a walk with your friends among the mountains and you get lost. Or you are visiting a remote place with limited access to the internet.

GoTenna goal is to help people being less independent from their smartphone service. It is great especially for moments you really need it as in case of help or urgency. But, as shown the video, the gadget can be used also in busy places, in case of blackout and even for private and secure communications.

As explained by the founders: “The idea for goTenna came during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 when a quarter of all cell towers were downed, and power as well as internet went out, leaving millions of people across the 10-state area affected by the storm unable to communicate when they needed to most.”

It was clear for people to be able to communicate without relying on cell service or wifi, and also, when you want to be private.

goTenna aims to become a part of everyone’s technology essentials. The product is now available for pre-order on the website 

Below more specifics about the hardware and the app:

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