Your next goal? Gamification

What gamification is?

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Gamification is applied to improve user engagementreturn on investmentdata qualitytimeliness, and learning

If your online marketing strategy is stuck and you are thinking about your next engaging marketing tool you’d better read this:

Gamification is a technique that strive and leverage the natural desire of challenge, competition and achievement. With gamification you can involve your customers and followers making them loving your brand not just because it’s your brand but because you are making them having fun!

Let’s do an example. Learning english sometimes is boring, tricky and time consuming. If you find a way to learn a language having fun you’ve hit the point!

That’s the idea behind Duolingo : you learn a language playing a game, reaching goals and getting points. Duolingo it’s a great example on how gamification can be adopted in education.


A similar goal has the app Rich Dad Poor Dad. The app, based on the famous book, teaches you how to manage your finance using gamification to push you reaching goals and increasing your knowledge. The app uses images and videos instead of boring text and instructors.

gamification 2

Another interesting example to bring on the table is Tinder. The success behind this dating app it’s not just because you can find a partner. The friendly UI and the way you can choose your soul mate looks more like a game than a love-hunting. This approach let customers use the app again and again, probably just because they like the gaming idea.

gamification 3


Another approach to gamification is to make existing tasks feel more like games. A perfect example is With you can manage your daily agenda in a simple and funny way. Every morning the app reminds you to organize your “to do” with a nice graphics and rewards your daily Kiip.

gamification 1

Your daily tasks will be more funny to accomplish!

So, if you are looking for a new idea or an app to engage and involve your audience, remind this word: GAMIFICATION