A new marketing scenario with wearables

a new marketing scenario with wearable

A random day in a very close future…

It’s a typical busy day in New York City. People are running along the streets and yellow cabs are flowing down the avenues like a slow blood stream.

Most of people now wear a Google Glass eyewear, a wi-fi bracelet or smartwatch. We all know how many kilometers and steps we do every day, how many hours we sleep and how many calories we are burning everyday.


Furthermore, your smartwatch, tracks our heartbeats and delivers a clear vision of our life metrics. Glass allows us to see and get real time details about traffic, directions and weather. We already had those information on our smartphones but now is faster and better integrated with our real life.

New marketing scenario wearable

Google can now give us targeted ads directly at a glance on your wearable glasses while walking, and target them based on your street location, health status, age and state of mind which you probably have shared on Google plus a while before.

You are close to a new vegetarian shop: your bracelet vibrates and a push notification alerts you that this new shop may be very interesting for your diet because you love veggie lasagnas ( typical italian food) and you planned to lose a couple of pounds before the summer. Furthermore you live just 2 miles from this place and they decide to give you immediately $10 dollar discounts because you might be a long-term client.

You didn’t even notice the new store and so, you decide to get in and look around. Inside, multiple beacons are tracking your position in real time and sending you customized offers based on your interests and food you usually eat.


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Your smartwatch vibrates because it communicates with your refrigerator saying you have just one egg left. Well you know it, you take it!

Now you are a new client and you know about that great new vegetarian shop! Well done real time marketing!


Here and now!

Ok, you continue walking and your Glass pops up real time ads for every shop you approach. But it’s fine for you: “It’s targeted ads after all, it might be relevant for me!”

Yes because every single ad is based on your personal data, information and status. You are nearly surprised by the quality of ads you see, in fact, you came across a famous sport supplies sport. It says that because you have run a lot in the past three months you need a new pair of running shoes and so, if you buy it by the next ten minutes, you have 20% off.


“Wow” you think: “that’s a great offer!” Yes, because now you have also gained some extra points in your running chart.

You decide to buy it and pay just using your smartwatch and your Android Wear Wallet. To do it, you just need the NFC technology inside your device. Or the new Apple Pay that allows you to pay securely and fast with the Touch ID.

new marketing scenario with wearable 3

You get a notification on your smartphone. Is your running friend, he says: “Congrats for your new pair of shoes!” You just bought it and shared a post on your social feed automatically as soon as you decided to buy it. By the way, if you share a post you get $10 off for the next pair of shoes.

Ok, is this scenario unreal? Absolutely not. In fact, wearable opens a new marketing channel and a new way to interact with customers more targeted and in real-time.

a new marketing scenario with wearable

Is this something intrusive? Maybe. I don’t know if Glass will take over and people will start to use it everyday but we have to realize that this in an option and a possible scenario for marketers to invest on and to discover new possibilities.

For wearable devices such as smartwatches or bracelets ( as UP and Fitbit) is different. We are already using them (some of us) every day and we are willing to interact with them with targeted ads.

Smartphones will possibly be a medium in the next years, giving us the chance to have our devices closer to us, always connected.

Apple just jumped in the smartwatch industry with its new Watch. A new payment system and a new way to communicate across different devices is going to be adopted by million of people by the next year.

Are we ready for something like that? What do you think?

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