The new iPhone 6 will have NFC for mobile payments

iphone NFC mobile payments

It was expected even for the iPhone 5s but, this time, Apple will include the long awaited NFC to allow users pay directly with their iPhone.

new iphone NFC

NFC technology enables simple and safe two-way interactions between electronic devices, allowing consumers to perform contactless transactions, access digital content, and connect electronic devices with a single touch. Possible usage are: card emulation, peer-to-peer, and reader/writer. In particular, card emulation is one of the most promising functionalities in order to pay whenever you are without even pulling out your wallet and swipe a credit card. I say promising because, despite the diffusion of NFC inside the latest smartphones, it isn’t so popular yet and are just few the places where the service is enabled. 

But why is this the right moment to jump into NFC for Apple? Now, online payments, are used in large-scale and people purchasing via mobile are increasing. Also, recent sources, said Apple is partnering up with major credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard and American Express and the giant has also been interviewing senior payments industry executives to take on new roles within the company

The company is expected to debut the iPhone 6, with the new A8 chip and possibly its new payment solution, at an upcoming event on September 9.

Source: MacRumors