The most used apps in the States

most used apps

Looks like americans mobile users can’t live without Facebook. And I can bet they are not the only one considering the huge amount of time spent every day using apps on our devices.

most used apps

As you can see, Social Networking is the top category when we talk about mobile apps. With a 25% share it’s absolutely the preferred activity for every average mobile user. And, of course, when we talk about social networks, Facebook is the king.

With a total of 115.4 million unique users Facebook is the most used app in the States. But 5 out of the 10 most used apps are by Google. YouTube, Google Play, Search, Maps and Gmail.

It might be something obvious, considering Facebook and Google own a big slice of the digital and mobile scenario.

Not just social networking

Another category appreciated by the mobile population is Games that with a 16% share of time spent is following social networking. Apps are also used to listen Radio (8%) and enjoy Multimedia files (5%). Retail is also appreciated with the 5% of time spent on a mobile apps to shop online or just to see new products. In fact, mobile is not yet exceeding desktop when we talk about e-commerce but shoppers are more likable to buy a product when the user experience is encouraging it. That’s why retailers are creating apps to facilitate the shopping experience and drive more sales from mobile.


Social and fun

So the most of mobile apps users see a strong interest in socializing and connect with friends using social networks and to amuse, with games and music. Of course apps are used by commuters, in the spare time and when we don’t have access to a desktop. In short we love using apps just to chill out and have fun.

When we look at this numbers we also have to consider the devices and platforms used.

mobile apps users

It’s interesting notice how Android is first for total users but Apple is first for engagement. The average monthly hours for each iPhone user are almost ten more than on an Android device.


Last year in the U.S. digital consumers used both desktop and mobile devices every month. “Around the same time, mobile first surpassed desktop in terms of total digital media engagement. And finally, just this year another key milestone was reached — the app majority — where now the majority of all digital media time spent occurs on mobile apps.” (comScore)

Is mobile still a land of conquest? Yes, because “despite the fact that engagement is now higher on apps than on desktop and mobile browser, they have not attracted the advertising dollars its audience warrants. Like any emerging advertising medium, it takes time for the ad buying and selling infrastructure to develop”

Sources: comScore and Statista

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