How to make money online as an affiliate and generate over $1,000 per day


When it comes to internet and online marketing there are a lot of maths and misunderstanding. As a marketer and affiliate myself, I’ve always wondered what kind of offers and businesses are real opportunities or real scams 🙂

Today I want to show you how to make money online as an affiliate and generate an incredible income out of clicks, traffic and digital products.

How to make money online as an affiliate: the myths

Here’s the real problem: many people claim how easy it is to “make money online” and generate an incredible amount of money easily and with no hassle. The reality is another: most of the times, when someone claims how easy it is to make money, it’s because they are the only one actually making the real bucks 🙂

Well, I’ve seen so many offers and products over promising and the reality is that IT’S NOT EASY.

As with any other business, being a successful marketer or affiliate requires a lot of work, tests and especially knowledge.

I’d say the last one in particular since this industry is built around timing and hidden gems. You need to be on top of new trends and offers in order to be the first one to promote it or to know the best sources of traffic to tap into.

Among all the “money formula” I’ve recently discover one that caught my attention. It is an affiliate product, with a membership area but really well designed in order to create a system that actually works.

How to make money online: $1,000 a day

You have probably heard about people making hundred or thousands of dollars online per day. At the beginning I thought it wasn’t possible but then I realized the opposite. In fact, we need to consider that when we operate online and in a global environment we are able to scale a business and multiply our income following a strategy.

If you work per hour or as an employee, you already know it’s not really possible to exponentially increase our earnings since we are paid by the time we spend working.

When you create an online business and you sell a physical, or even better, a digital product you can put in place a system that it’s actually working for you.

If you are familiar with automation, sales funnels, ads and conversions , you probably know what I’m talking about.

This is how to make money online as an affiliate and scale your income.

Why you should start as an affiliate

If you want to start an online business the easiest and cheapest way to start is with affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you get a commission out of each sale you drive to a product or service. There are many different products you can promote out there but I always recommend to start with digital products.

The reason is simple: since it’s not a physical product, and so with a low production cost, you have the chance to get higher commission. Generally within the 40% and 80%!

That’s cool right!?

Where you can find affiliate offers

how-to-make-money-online-as-an-affiliate-and-generate-over-1000-a-dayIf you want to make money online as an affiliate you need to know the best places where you can find affiliate offers and reliable products. One of the safest place out there where you can find cool offers is ClickBank.

ClickBank is a premier internet retailer for digital products. I’ve been using ClickBank for a while, both for my own info products and as affiliate promoting someone else’s offers.

If you are new in the affiliate marketing business this is a good place to start!


Why this offer works so good

But what is the secret sauce behind this offer? Here are the main reasons why it works and you should join it now

  • The entire course is structured in a way that makes easy, even for a fresh beginner, to start, apply and understand the business
  • The community is a great support and motivation
  • All the steps are listed in an idiot proof” way
  • Vik is a great teacher
  • The commissions are pretty awesome (50% with recurring billing)
  • You will have and discover multiple streams of income

Over $1,000 a day as an affiliate

The first time ever I made over $1,000 online in a single day was selling my own product. It was an online course and I generated all the sales selling it on ClickBank.

But numbers talk and that’s why I want to show you a couple of successful case studies. What you see below are some screenshots shared by some of the affiliates promoting the offer inside the private Facebook community.


The one above is a screenshot made one of the members from his ClickBank account. All the earnings you see were made promoting the 4% JUST as a fronted income. If you want to understand what the fronted offer and the back-end offers are, as well as multiple streams of income, check out the entire free webinar below. You will learn and understand many things, believe me



Here’s another screenshot from another member. If you are familiar with ClickBank you probably already know the dashboard and the stats above.

Now a question:

How can you generate traffic and learn how to generate profits online and over $1,000 per day?

How to make money online as an affiliate: what you need to master


There are several things you need to know to make your success. Here are the basics you need to learn:

  • How to create a funnel and a landing page
  • How to create an email list
  • How to write engaging content (copyright)
  • How to drive traffic and master advertising

It probably takes years to master all these areas. When I joined the 4% I was surprised by the simplicity of all these steps and the quantity of videos and training inside the membership area.

The Essential tools:

if you are brand new in the business you need a couple of essential tools to start:

  1. A landing page to collect emails and promote an offer: I’m using ClickFunnels, it’s the best one out there and it allows to create landing pages and sales funnels in minutes. You can have a 14 days free trial here
  2. An auto-responder: This is the email marketing service you need in order to create a follow-up email sequence. There are many providers out there such as GetResponse 

If what I’ve just said above doesn’t make sense at all to you, I recommend to start from the basic.

Bonus tip: The sales funnels software above (ClickFunnels) has an incredible affiliate program with recurring commission. You can check it out HERE 



There are many ways to make money online today but if you are new in the industry you need to learn a lot of stuff. This is why I recommend you to start off as an affiliate. You don’t have the same risks as someone creating a product and you can keep the expenses low.

Also, you can learn what works and what doesn’t and build your own email list. Click the button below to learn how to make money online as an affiliate and generate over $1,000 per day