Lead Generation

lead generation

“Today’s competitive marketplace demands an integrated strategy for effective lead generation and rapid business growth. With the lengthening sales cycle, traditional lead generation efforts are no longer able to keep pace with the steady stream of quality leads necessary for rapid growth and scalability.

And while SEO and content marketing are important for long-term marketplace dominance, these tactics are not suitable for businesses that need to quickly generate a large number of highly qualified leads. In order to succeed at lead generation, businesses must integrate long-term SEO tactics with quick-term generation tactics, such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

While many marketers think “Google AdWords” when they hear PPC, today’s PPC 2.0 campaigns are not just about search engine results. Savvy marketers are running their PPC 2.0 campaigns on industry-specific sites and social media networks like LinkedIn.

These campaigns use sophisticated targeting, competitive analysis, and cutting- edge video advertising to generate highly qualified leads while holding the line on advertising costs:

  •  48% B2B marketers believe that online video initiatives have a strong positive impact on their brand and sales (Source: Google)
  • 71% of marketers plan to increase their use of LinkedIn. (Source: Social Media Examiner) Integrated online marketing campaigns are essential for business scalability. By integrating PPC 2.0 campaigns with traditional SEO efforts, businesses can maximize their growth strategies and ROI.”…

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lead generation

Download the rest of this fact filled whitepaper that outlines why Integrated Online Marketing Campaigns are essential for lead generation and business scalability.

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