Is it better a business or a personal page on Instagram?

Is it better a business page or a personal page on Instagram?

There’s a question many people ask themselves when it comes to start an Instagram account.

Is it better a business page or a personal page? Should I keep my page with a business look and feel or use my personal account for branding?

I had exactly the same dilemma when I decided to use Instagram for business and not just as a fancy social where I share my holidays pictures.

Who you are?

To reply to your question, you should ask yourself what is the main purpose of your account and why you should choose an option or another. Here are some points to consider and I have asked myself before deciding to create two separates (and then more) Instagram accounts:

  • Who do you need to promote? Yourself, as a professional, or your business, as a brand?
  • Does your business have a name and its own branding?
  • Is your business online or offline?


A business or a personal page: the cases

Well, if your company, blog or startup has a brand and a name I always suggest to create a separate account and page that you will use JUST for business.

If you are a blogger, and your blog has your name, you can choose the two options. Anyway if you are patient enough to follow two accounts I also suggest in this case to have a separated account.

Here’s why:

I know that for a personal branding purpose it’s cool to show your personal life and what you do in your free time, but I also believe there’s a thin line between privacy and branding.

Also, since your personal page is also a business page, you should select carefully your content and follow an “editorial plan” in target with your business.

In my personal case, I use my personal account (@SteMongardi) to post pictures of my travel, experiences, friends, places and things I see. Just like a regular Instagram account 😀

In the other one, @TheWebMate, I only post quotes and tips interesting for my audience and for the blog readers. Since it’s about marketing and entrepreneurship, I don’t want to bother my followers with selfies (I do selfies EXTREMELY rarely :-D) or other types of content.

Think business

Instagram is no longer the young and carefree social we were used to know. Now, with the ads platform, it’s more focused on profit and business, and so should be your strategy on this social media.


My idea is that every social we nurture should be JUST for business. I mean, why should we spend our time giving free content to a platform that is not paying us back?

Our time is valuable and our time spent on social media should be valuable too!

What is your idea? Better a business or a personal account?

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