The internet in real time, second by second

internet in real time

Do you know how many accounts are created every second on Twitter? And how many blog posts published on WordPress?

Today the amount of data uploaded on internet are huge and every second an incredible traffic is generated.

Just to give you some numbers, every minute:

  • 660 Twitter accounts are created and 342,000 tweets are sent
  • 1380 blog posts are published on WordPress
  • 3,131,760 likes are made on Facebook
  • 720 new accounts are created on WhatsApp
  • 276,480 searches are made on Google

…And so on. (see the infographic above to see what happens in just one minute)

PennyStocks created an animated real-time infographic showing the internet in real-time, second by second. It’s incredible seeing GBs uploaded every second and shared on the web.

Click the image to open the interactive version (via Penny Stocks Lab).