Norway leads the Internet penetration in Europe, Italy is the last one

According to eMarketer, Western Europe is “one of the most advanced internet markets in the world” with the 69,9% of citizens going online at least once a month.

The winner of the “internet penetration Europe chart” is Norway with a 86% of people using internet regularly and the last one is Italy with just a 56.1%. The main reason because Italy is closing the chart is because the usage of internet is very limited outside big cities and the average age of the country doesn’t match with the average internet user.

Internet penetration in Europe

234 million people in Central and Eastern Europe, or 54.4% of the region’s population, will go online regularly in 2013 and one of the biggest and rising region in Eastern Europe is Russia, where around one-third of internet users live.

Internet penetration in Europe 2

Countries such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands will continue to lead the internet penetration in Europe but with a lower penetration growth.