Instagram ads will soon catch global brands attention

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Do you still think Instagram is just the land of superstars, wannabe, and selfie lovers?

No more. According to a Shareablee research, Instagram is catching more and more a global brands attention. Many marketers aren’t still able to promote their pictures and run ads but they are highly active on the social.

But is this enough to think that Instagram will be the next big ads platform? Look at these numbers:

  • Facebook garnered 2.5 million brand posts, a year-over-growth of 22%
  • Instagram had 493,000 of such posts, a 49% year-over-year jump.
  • Facebook accrued 6 billion actions (likes, comments or shares).
  • Instagram totaled 3.4 billion actions (likes, comments).
  • Facebook had 2,396 actions per post.
  • Instagram racked up 6,932 actions per post.

Data Source: AdWeek

As you see, two are the relevant factors you can observe:

1. Instagram posts are increasing about 50% year over year, Facebook just 22%

2. Instagram is achieving almost three times more engagement per post than Facebook

The potential of Instagram as advertising platform is undeniable but, how many marketers are wiling to sacrifice external links and focus on a 100% Instagram oriented campaign?

As I said, lots of brands are already using it as a branding tool to show the culture and life behind the brand.

It’s very easy for Facebook to sneeze and create a $100-million-per-quarter-revenue business with the scale of Instagram and their salesforce

said Corey Weiner, HyprMX CEO.

Today advertising on Instagram is just by invitations for certain brands and there’s a manual review of each ad to keep a certain quality standard.

Facebook biggest challenge right now is to convince advertisers to buy the units on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis

Would you start advertise on Instagram today?