Instagram Ads: What will change

Instagram ads how the social will change

The time has come. After years Instagram has finally opened its API to third-party apps.

What does it mean?

It means that the advertising platform will very soon be open to everyone and other software and apps will be able to interact and communicate with the social.

Today the ad network is available just for a few big brands that are testing the new ads formats available. You’ve probably noticed some “promoted” posts in your feed.

That is just a type of ad that will be available. In fact, Instagram has recently announced also the Carousel Ads (very similar to the Facebook one) and other kind of CTA ads where you’ll be able to invite your followers to take specific actions, such as subscribing to a newsletter, visti a website, download an app or buy a product.

This is absolutely something new and extraordinary since as of today, the only place where you can add a link is in the bio.

A huge change

These new ads will probably change completely the usage and the interaction with Instagram. You will have new ways to advertise, something today is possible just by paying other accounts or influencers.


Yes, because today there’s a huge hidden market behind Instagram. You have no idea of the incredible amount of money people pay to big Instagram accounts, to increase followers or promote a product.

Influencers are not just the one paid, there are many branded pages, selling ads and making thousands of dollars a week. (yes thousands)

With the new ad platform will this situation change and will Instagram grab all this market share?

I don’t think so.


The social testimonial

Instagram has started the era of influencer marketing. With the explosion of Instagram companies have understood the potential of engaging influencers to promote a brand.

Today, especially millennials, are no longer watching television and traditional media as before. They are spending time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and they want to buy what people they follow use.

If you ask your kids where they have seen the gift they are asking you, probably is from a web star promoting it, or from a viral web campaign 🙂

Native ads

Instagram is great to promote products in a more natural way. The power of images and photography allows you to place a product in a more engaging way. Also, the product is not the subject of the ads, the person using it or the context it is.

Conversation and engagement are much higher than in any other social media. Instagram is calculated to be 60x time more engaging than Facebook and 120X than Twitter.

Users love to like pictures, comments and tag friends. Moreover, they feel it’s the most direct and personal way to keep in touch with influencers and VIPs. Fans fell involved in everyday life.

Of course this is the best scenario where brands can communicate their messages.

What will change

So, what will be the main change with Instagram ads?

I think that testimonials will always be hired by companies for creative and strategic campaigns. They are testimonials, and promoting a product through them is better than just promoting it with paid ads to reach more people.

Traditional and paid ads will be probably supported by influencer marketing in order to better segment the audience and reach a wider number of people.

The real challenge for Instagram will be to keep the social “clean” without an excessive ads presence. Since the estimated revenue will be over $4 billion by 2020, we have to expect also a growing number of users. This means a possible change of the algorithm and posts reach.

I think this is the best moment to push the gas and grow a strong Instagram presence. The ads platform will be available by the next months.

What do you think? Is Instagram already a big part of your marketing strategy?

Let me know!