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Everyone knows it or has heard about it, but yet a few use it everyday. Snapchat is the social born to share “private” pictures that self-destroy after a few seconds.

Snapchat is booming now and everyone wants to increase their own followers and be “popular”.  For a while I’ve been sceptical about using Snapchat because, in its simplicity, I found it complicated. Then, after having explored the labyrinth of Instagram, I studied and re-evaluated it.


Because the numbers speak for themselves, and moreover I see it sponsored in most Instagram bios.

Initially I thought the same about Instagram: “I can’t use it for my blog or business, it’s just for selfies, models or aspiring models”

Well, after some times I changed my mind and, believe me, if I had woken up a little earlier it would be better.

Will the same happen with Snapchat ? Even if the founder has rejected a billionaire offer from Facebook, there are good possibilities to be among the Bigs even without having been acquired (unlike Instagram).

Before to start talking about how to use Snapchat and how to increase your own followers, I would like to give you some data and numbers.



The numbers

  • Over 100 million active users every day
  • 20% of all the users of social networks are on Snapchat
  • Around 70% of those who use it are women!
  • Every day more than 400 million snaps are shared
  • 30% of the users are Millenials
  • 71% of the users are aged under 34
  • 45% of the users are aged between 18 and 24
  • 65% of the total users create and share contents

Well, I believe these data have allowed you to understand where and how Snapchat is used and by whom. It’s not difficult to understand that it’s a young, growing and super-active targeted social.

aumentare follower su Snapchat

Snapchat: A, B, C

Ok, now I would like to briefly explain you how it works. It is very simple. You just need to sign up and then you are immediately able to take and share pictures and videos with your contacts or people you follow.

Unlike other social networks, e.g. Instagram, the number of followers is not relevant. And then? How can you monitor the engagement?

Simple: instead of showing the number of followers you will have a score. This score is a mix of friends following you, pictures posted and interactions occurred with the photos or videos you have shared.

Another important feature:

On Snapchat you won’t be able to “like”, share or comment the posts.

Crazy, isn’t it? 🙂

It seems almost impossible today thinking about a social network where the interactions are completely different! Yet, Snapchat seems to be successful for that reasons.

In fact, you’ll be the only one able to see those who have viewed the content you have shared. To do that, you just need to go to “My stories” and view the posts you want to display. Once you have swiped up you will see the users who have viewed your posts

Snapchat starts also to be an attractive social network for brands. In the “explore” area there’s a new place for companies and brands to create engaging and compelling stories with the new 3V ads format. What you can see below it’s an example of a sponsored frame or filter.

snapchat marketing

Definitely awesome! 😀


You can share content in two different ways:

  1. You will be able to share your pics and videos with specific users by selecting them
  2. You’ll be able to share the pictures in “My story” where all your followers will be able to display them.

Of course, within 24 hours the content shared in “My Story” will no longer be available, but you can also download all your content before they are canceled.

Once you have shared a pictures with one of your friends you can also engage a one-to-one chat. That’s why it’s used as a dating app to meet new people.

Each photo, or video, has a timer. You can choose how many seconds you want the content to be displayed.

You might be wondering: “Ok, but you can take a screenshot and keep the pic forever!”

Yes, but if you do that, a notification will be sent to the user.

Now let’s see how to increase the score and followers on Snapchat


Increase followers on Snapchat: my advice

So, how is it possible to increase followers on Snapchat?

1. First of all, go to the settings and check that everyone can view your stories

You just need to settings and check if the option “see my snaps”, “everyone” is enabled. Then you’ll be able to receive snaps from everyone.

2. Share your ID as much as possible on other social networks

 Of course, if you already have many followers on Instagram or other channels it will be easier. Just add you link in bio and invite your followers to follow you on Snapchat too. Many people already do that and those who have today a high score on Snapchat started a long time ago to promote their own username on Instagram. Now you can also share your username permalink so people can start following you with a simple tap.

3. Use it every day and create your story

When you share a content to “My Story”, it will stay there for 24 hours. The result will be a photo and video diary of your day. Be sure to create interesting and compelling stories!

4. Invite your friends to scan your Snapchat logo

If you tap on the top the ghost you’ll see your snapcode. Anyone can scan it and add you immediately pointing his camera on your snapcode. This is useful when you meet new people! Also, you can take a screenshot and share your snapcode across your social media profiles.

5. Create previews on other social media and invite your fiends to watch the rest of your story on Snapchat

 You can create intro content on other social networks and then invite people to view the rest directly on Snapchat. They will be more motivated to follow you.

Remember that the best way to increase your followers on Snapchat is by leveraging an audience on other social networks



More tips to increase your Snapchat score and views 

If you want to increase your followers and friends, you could also consider to promote your profile with a Facebook and Instagram campaign.

Some influencers are earning big bucks thanks to social networks. They are paid to sponsor products and services and Snapchat is one of the social they are using.

Today Instagram is the leader for influencer marketing and Snapchat is the best candidate to be the next one.

The more your contents people view, the more your score will increase. But the most important thing to consider on Snapchat is the views  you have

In fact, since the score is limited and represented by the interactions you have, views are the real value to consider in order to know how many people are actually watching your snaps and story.

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Start now!

 Well, these were just some ideas about how to increase your followers on Snapchat and grow on the social network. Remember: be persistent and share interesting stories. People will come back just if you are sharing something great!

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