Want to increase your Fan Page in store?


I have already talked about proximity marketing and how digital marketing and technology are changing the in store experience in this post

But what if you could engage new followers for you Facebook Fan Page even inside a store?

Smiirl invented a simple tool, Fliike, to monitor and increase your Fan page in real-time just showing a counter inside your store, office or business.

Fliike is the first physical Facebook Fan (or “Like”) counter specially designed for local businesses, public places or Marketing departments!

You can proudly display your digital community in your store and easily convince your customers to join your Facebook fans

The usage is pretty simple. You just need to plugin the social counter, connect it to the wi-fi network and then set up your Fliike and Facebook settings in a specific web page. 

Fliike is a nice branding and marketing solution for any kind of small business but also a checker to show in a marketing department keeping always an eye on your new followers.

Connected devices are relevant also for B2B purposes and retail with an offline/online engagement. Stores are always willing to find new solutions where customers get involved in their social channels. Today most of those solutions are just flyers with an invite to like a Facebook Fan Page without any instant call to action.

Solutions as Fliike, iBeacons and social wifi are changing the way people interact inside a store unveiling new marketing opportunities.

The idea is simple but effective, what do you think?