How to watch Netflix in another Country

how to watch netflix in another country

If you know Netflix you also know how many cool series and movies you are missing. Right now, Netflix isn’t available in all the countries and in this post I am going to show you how to watch Netflix in another Country, or better, in a Country where the service is not available.

Well, it’s easy. You just have to change the VPN (Virtual Private Network) of your device to another connected in the place the service is available (ex. USA). In this way it will looks like you are connected in that specific country. There’s nothing undercover or illegal and there are many providers offering this service, even for free. Anyway I discourage the usage of free tools because it will affect the streaming speed once you will be watching a video on Netflix.

I personally use UnBlockus and it works perfectly. As I said it provides you a secure and fast VPN that you can easily setup in your device and than you will be able to subscribe and watch Netflix in another Country. The subscription process is guided and in the website is shown how to modify the DNS in different platforms (mobile, router, pc, mac or other)


UnBlockus service is only $4.99 a month (first 7 days free) and Netflix it’s only $8.99 a month (first month free). So with just a small amount you will be able to enjoy the famous web tv even in your Country. Once you login, the service will automatically detect the device you are connected from and suggests you the best way to connect and how to do it with a tutorial.

This is an easy and cheap service that will allows you to watch Netflix in another Country!


Once you have subscribed to the service you just need to subscribe to Netflix (first month is for free). Click here or on the tab below to go to Netflix website:


That’s all! This is how to watch Netflix in another Country! After that you’ll be able to start watching your favorites series and shows anywhere. Netflix also has its own apps, so you’ll be able to start watch it on iOS and Android devices.

Netflix is recently opening up to new countries such as Italy and it’s opening doors in new places. But not anywhere you’ll see the same content

Netflix USA is still the most updated and full of fresh content, so it’s better to change your DNS and signup for Netflix USA even if you want to watch from another country. 

I am sure you’ll enjoy it and let me know how your experience was! I have found UnBlockUs great even to watch other website that are not regularly available from different areas.


Even if Netflix is available in your country watching the original Netflix in the US could be the best thing to do for a series of reasons.

For example you can improve your english or you can have access to exclusive content not available in your country.

In my case, I used to live in Italy and, at the time, Netflix wasn’t available yet. For example you can also use it if you tavel so you use UnBlockUs to login as if you are in the US (or other countries) and keep enjoying your content.

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