How to run an Instagram advertising campaign

how to run an instagram ads campaign

Instagram has recently opened its Ads platform to many advertisers. That’s why today I am happy to host a guest post by Matteo Martinelli about how you can actually create and run an Instagram Advertising campaign. This step by step quick post will show you how you can do it!

Enjoy it! 😀


Instagram has recently switched to Advertising. Therefore, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app will now fight with other online advertising companies like Google and Twitter. Without a doubt Instagram is going to play a major role in digital advertising in the next years, since it can reach up to 1.5 billion people around the world. Moreover, Instagram ad revenues are predicted to increase extremely year-over-year, even more than other leading mobile ad platforms.
Earlier this year, Instagram hit 400 million users with half of them using the site daily. This is alone a good reason to increase ad spend on this platform.

At first, buying ads on Instagram was a privilege for the very big brands because of the high budget costs, but a few weeks ago Instagram opened its doors to brands and marketers.

To obtain positive results the ads have to be not too overly promotional and to show some user-generated content (UGC) that consumers are used to see on Instagram.

As a matter of fact, the most important aspect is to stick to the fundamental principles when advertising on Instagram. Consistent, high-quality and authentic photos are increasing brand awareness and ads revenue.

Then why brands should use UGC? Because it is more trusted than brand content.

To start advertising on Instagram therefore you will need a facebook account, a Facebook Page, an Instagram account (better but not essential) and to read this step-by-step guide! 😉


Follow these 3 easy steps:

1.Access your Facebook Power Editor from this page

This is the place for advanced marketers where they can edit all aspects of the Facebook Ads.
Click on “Download to Power Editor” and load all your ads, ad sets and campaigns.

download to power editor

2. Now create a new campaign by clicking on “+ create campaign” and choose your objective in the multiple-choice selection. You can choose among many options:

  • clicks to website
  • video views
  • and so on

campaign creation

view ad set

It is time to create the Ad set and then click on “View ad set” and in the new board choose “Instagram” among the “Placement” options.


Create the new Ad of the Ad set and then choose the facebook page related to your ad and connect the associated Instagram account.

connect insta account

To create the ad, now fill in the fields like URL of the call-to-action, text and description and look at the preview of the ad on the right side.

dashboard Ad


In addition, it is even possible to select the “carousel ad” to fit more images in the same ad.
The suggested image-size is supposed to be 1080 × 1080 pixels with an image ratio of 1:1 and it cannot have more than 20% text.
N.B. to advertise a video in the previous objective field you will have to select “video views” but you will have to pay attention to the following requirements:

Recommended format: .mp4 or .mov

Resolution: at least 720p

Recommended aspect ratio: square (1:1)

Length: 30 seconds max

File size: 30 MB max


  1. When you will be finished with the ad creation click on “Upload changes” in the Facebook Power Editor and the Facebook team will review your ad and probably approve it.

upload changes

Good job! You have now successfully created your first advertisement on Instagram and you can review it in the Facebook Ads Manager.

If you have any question feel free to write a comment here below!