How to live with social media and survive them

How to live with social media and survive them

Today social media are just a routine in most of our lives. Even if you are not working in the web industry you might find yourself spending your time online facebooking (yes, it’s a new word) or tweeting.

And if we talk about Instagram that’s even worse 🙂

The fact is that social media are now a part of hour work and private life. It’s impossible for me to avoid using it for my business but at the same time it’s like a trap.

The risk is to lose an incredible amount of time just scrolling the newsfeed or watching videos or reading online content. That’s the most difficult part for most of the people working online.


So here’s how to live with social media and survive them following my personal experience.

To make it easier, I’ll divide it in bullet points, so you can have a better overview.

  1. Don’t look at your smartphone as soon as you open your eyes in the morning: This is probably the most dangerous part of the day since you are getting the notifications all together. You end up spending the first hour of your day checking notifications, emails and content.
  2. Disable all the push notifications: I know that posting content and see likes and comments raining it’s rewarding, but it’s bad for your focus and productivity. Every time you see a notification, even if you don’t take your phone, it’s a distraction from what you are doing. Your battery will also thank you.
  3. Set alerts and use blocker. Take a limited part of your time to check your notifications, reply to comments and posting. If you already use a post scheduler it’s even better. Set a 20 minutes times at the time and when the alert rings stop doing what you are doing and close all the windows (or apps)
  4. Bookmark and save the content you are interested in: On Facebook you can save every post you see and read/watch it later among your saved posts. If you see some interesting posts you can use Pocket to save and read it in the famous 20 minutes you’ll schedule for the content consumption. I suggest you to create several “20 mins social immersion” but be very strict with the timer.
  5. Ask yourself:”Is it relevant or will it help me to be a better person?: Before spending time watching a video or reading a content ask yourself if it will contribute to make you a better person, or at least, wiser 🙂
  6. Don’t text, call or use voice messages: We spend a lot of time texting on  Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and so on. Calling or using voice messages is way more easier and faster. And we are even more social than just typing.
  7. Cut the crap: It’s not easy, since social media are full of that, but try to avoid it 🙂
  8. Don’t waste time reading comments!: I know you do it and sometimes it’s really funny 🙂
  9. Focus on two or three social: The social media scenario starts getting busy. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, G+ and more! If you are starting now I’d suggest you to focus on the newer one or the emerging. Pick the two or three that better fit your business or personality and spend your time and energies on those only.
  10. Don’t be influenced by all you see on social media: We use to share just the best part of our lives and so other people do. Don’t think that everyone has a better life than yours!


What do you think? What is your best tips about it? What would you add in this list?

Let me know! 😀