How to have more followers on Snapchat: my best tips


Hey! it’s been a while but here we are again!

Snapchat is becoming a hot topic and it’s time for me to talk a little more about it. Over 200 million users are on Snapchat today and it’s growing really fast.

So let’s see together how to have more followers on Snapchat and how you can rock it! 😀

How to grow on Snapchat: my quick free guide

how to have more followers on snapchat- guide

First of all, I have recently created a free mini guide about how you can reach your first 1,000 views on Snapchat. It’s a quick mini-guide that outlines some of the techniques that I have used so far in order to grow my account. (STEMONGA)

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Well, some of those strategies are outlined in one of my most recent posts but I have added some quick points in my guide too.

Major update

how to have more followers on snapchat- update

I want to start saying that thanks to a recent update is now possible to share your Snapchat username with a link. Not far ago the only way to grab people’s attention and drive new followers to your account was by sharing your snapcode or adding manually the username.

Snapchat is way more different from other social media and it takes time to understand the real potential. Now that you can share your username things are much easier.

You can now share it wherever you like and other people can start following you with a tap. This feature works better using smartphones of course, since the link automatically opens the app.

In order to do that you just need to open Snapchat, click on the “Add Friends” option

How to have more followers on Snapchat- my best tips

How to have more followers on Snapchat

Then click “share username” and copy the link. You can now use it for different purposes and share it on other social media!

Easy right? 🙂

How to have more followers on Snapchat: my tips

As I’ve said the one above is one of the most effective ways to promote your snapchat account across different platforms. But there are also other techniques you can use. Let’s see them together

Be sure everybody con see your story

how to have more followers on snapchat- story

First of all be sure that anyone can see your story. To do that, you just need to go on “settings” and check if “view my story” option is set to “everyone”. Done?

Well now the snaps that you share in your “story” will be public and everybody can see them. Watch out! 😀


Promote your Snapcode

how to have more follwers on snapchat

Your Snapcode is like a QR code you can scan to add new friends faster. You can find it tapping on the little ghost at the top of your screen once you open Snapchat.

You can download this code and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or you can use it as a Facebook profile pic so other people can scan it and add you. The code is yet a great way to engage with new potential followers.

Create amazing stories

tips follwers on snapchat

Even if you drive new followers to your page the most difficult and important thing will be to make people want to come back to see your stories. As I’ve already said on Snapchat the two most important parameters are the views and the score.

But the views are represented by people actually watching your stories and seeing what you are posting. You can have a million of new friends following you but if you don’t give them a good reason to watch your stories you’ll lose all your views.

That’s why you need to focus on the quality of your content and offer great value. Think about your industry and business and try to bring something new and cool to the table.

Snapchat is about engagement and authenticity, so be sure to share your personal point of view and interact with your audience as much as you can.

Share previews of your story on other social media

how to have more followers on snapchat

What is the best way to create curiosity? Creating previews! An example?

Take a picture of you, put it on Instagram and say that you are sharing some interesting tips on Snapchat and they have just 24 hours to watch your content. This will create curiosity and will leverage the psychology behind Snapchat itself which is the urgency to see a content before it is delated after the 24 hours.

More tips?

snapchat tip

Well this tips will help you if you are looking how to have more followers on Snapchat but if you are looking for daily tips or a quick guide just click on the button below and download for free my Snapchat guide about how to get your first 1,000 views on Snapchat. It’s quick, fast and juicy! 😀


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