10 ways to get the best out of the weekend

how to get the best out of the weekend

During the weekends many people have just one goal: relax and sleep.

Most of us use the weekend as a sleep bridge straight to Monday without taking the time to really get the best out of the weekend. Sleep is good but having a sleep marathon is not the right thing to do if you wake up early during the week.

In fact is demonstrated that sleeping too much during the weekends is dazing our mind because we are not used to sleep so much.


So what can you do to really get the best out of the weekend?

1. Sleep eight hours and wake up relatively early

Try to sleep no more than eight hours on Saturday and Sunday. If you hangout on Friday night and drink, this won’t be an easy thing to do but it is the healthier. Prepare to sleep reading a book (not a tablet) and avoid electronic devices’ light which can upset your biorhythms. Better if you also drink two glasses of water to hydrate the body before the sleep.

2. Take the time for a wealthy breakfast

Usually during the week there’s not enough time to sit and take a wealthy breakfast. Preparing a long and rich breakfast is not just a relaxing routine you can adopt during your weekends but, also, a social meeting with your family members. Orange juice, pancakes, hand-made cakes and fruits smoothies; everything while chatting with your soul mate/son or even dog! 🙂

3. Get fit!

That’s important to get the best out of the weekend: Take at least an hour for your workout, better if it’s an open air activity. If you use to practice sports even during the week consider to choose a different sport for every weekend. In this way you will be more motivated to workout and you will break your body routine. Another useful tip is to practice sports with a colleague or a friend so you can match business meeting and wealth at the same time. Business guys love networking in a tennis court or while jogging!

4. Read a book

You always say that you don’t have time to read. During weekends you have not excuses. Start reading at least an hour, maybe before sleeping, or while enjoying sun in a bench. Reading is a good way to disconnect your digital mind and focus your brain in something different.


5. Disconnect from your electronic devices

We are overwhelmed by smartphones, laptops and tech devices continuously. Consider to take a break at least for a couple of hours during the weekends. A tip? Leave your smartphone and electronic devices outside your bedroom and don’t watch television in your bed.

6. Meet/Talk with a family member

In a fast and busy world we are not giving the right weight to personal relations. A launch, dinner or a short meeting with your parents or any family members is not just making you more human, it’s helping you being more happy. If you can’t meet in person go for a quick call!

7. Have a romantic dinner with your partner

This is for those who have a partner: bring your wife/husband or girlfriend out for a romantic dinner. If you want to challenge yourself as a chef you can also prepare an intimate dinner candlelight. Your lover will appreciate it for sure and you will be a better cook! 🙂

8. Review and optimize your weekly agenda

I know that weekends should be exclusively dedicated to relax and other activities but taking 15 minutes to organize your weekly agenda is a short routine preparing you for a more productive week. List your most important things to do and reward yourself with weekly small awards if you fulfill your goals.

9. Check your social profiles

Yes, I have mentioned to detoxify from smartphone and electronic devices but your social identity needs a little retouch sometimes. Review your LinkedIn’s (or other social networks) profile picture, experiences and summary. Follow interesting people and your industry influencers also, share interesting advises with your network. Oh, if you would like here’s my Twitter’s profile 😉 

10. Dedicate time to your passions and projects

We all have passions we would like to cultivate. Write a book, work on a new project, start a new business. People working as employees complain about lack of time during the week but they forget that there actually are two entire days they can spend for their passions. Not 24 hours a day but, have you already started to crop some time for that?

Do you think it is too much for two days? How do you get the best out of your weekend?