How to double your Pinterest engagement

how to double Pinterest engagement

Pinterest is one of the most popular social network with over 70 million members

For many it’s not consider useful and relevant for a website but the reality is different. In fact it’s perfect to drive traffic to your website and it will bring the 27% more money than the popular Facebook

So, how to double your Pinterest engagement? Is it enough to post your pins and wait for the traffic to come? Nope!

First of all you have to see your target and audience to better understand if Pinterest is the right place for you to focus on.

80% of Pinterest users are women 

With the 80% of your audience being women it’s easy to get that the most interesting industry for the social are:

  • Fashion: with an average community drive engagement of 82%
  • Automotive: with a 75%
  • Electronics: with a 53%

Moreover, consider this fact: “Moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than the average americans”

With this brief data you can figure out that your target should be mainly focus on women, with and average age of 25/40 yo and mainly interested in fashion, home appliances, design and furnitures.

Here are other interesting pills that may help you:

  • There are more than 500,000 business accounts on Pinterest 
  • Users spend an average 98 minutes a month on Pinterest 
  • 80% of Pinterest pins are repins. This means a high engagement rate on posts.
  • Pinterest shoppers spend an average $140/$180 per order
  • Referrals from Pinterest have grown by 66% in the last 12 months.
  • Pinterest generates 4x more revenue per click than Twitter and Facebook
  • A 50% higher conversions rate from Pinterest than other traffic.


Now let’s find out how to double your Pinterest engagement:

Focus on what to pin

  1. Pins that include prices have a 36% more likes: Include price of your product is a trigger not just for a like or a repin but also for a potential visit on your website or a purchase.
  2. A call to action increases engagement of 80%: Try to push users to visit your website with a call to action such as: “visit the website for more offers” or ” follow our boards to keep posted about our recent pins!”
  3. A 42% higher CTR for tutorials and graphics pins: People love graphics and rich images. You can create interesting infographic about your industry with facts, numbers and datas to involve your audience.
  4. A 23% more repins for brand that don’t show faces: Pinterest users seem to prefer products images than faces. That’s because Pinterest is like a shop window. Who wants to see your brand’s face in it?
  5. Pins in trending topics get a 94% higher click-through

Focus on colors

  1. Pins with multicolors get a 300% higher engagement.
  2. Red, Orange and Brown are the favorites colors on Pinterest and they have 2X more repins

Focus on when to pin

  1. The best time to pin during the day is from 2 PM to 4 PM EST.
  2. The best time to pin in the night time is from 8 PM to 1 AM EST.

Focus on the engagement

  1. The more you engage with users the more they will do the same with you so:
  • Repin on other people’s pins
  • Like other people’s pins
  • Comment on other people’s pins
  • Thanks people for pinning and repinning
  • Have exclusive offers and promotions to keep your followers coming back for news.
  • Host a contest to get people involved in your brand

These tips will help you double your Pinterest engagement and get more traffic to your ecommerce, blog or website.

If you think this post was helpful fell free to share it and if you have other interesting tips you have personally tested, add them in the comments!

Source: QuickSprout


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Courtesy of: Quick Sprout