How to add products and services on your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has over 332 million users worldwide and it’s the biggest professional network.

How to add products and services on your LinkedIn Company Page


It is used by people looking for a job, HR and Recruiters but not only.

Since it is a professional network it’s the best place for Sales and Marketing to promote products and services and find new business opportunities.

How to add products and services on your LinkedIn page

Facebook is of course the biggest social network, but it’s also more difficult to filter the “surround noises” and keep the level of conversations more professional.

Brands are using company pages to engage with their followers and keep them updated about company news and updates. Company Pages are also a powerful tool for Corporate Branding, Marketing and employer branding.

While it was previously possible to add products and services on the company page now it is not. LinkedIn decided to shut down the service. If you already have added products and services you’ll be able to modify them, but not to add new one.

So right now you have two options to showcase your products or services:

1. Use the company updates

You can just share new features or products on your Company Page and your followers can share and interact on your posts just like for other social networks. This is good for real-time updates about new features you want to share with your audience. You can also add videos, pictures or links, may be linking to your company blog. Below a quick video-tip:

2. Use the Showcase Pages

If you are interested to create a separated branding page for a specific product or service without using the Company Updates, you can use the Showcase Page. It is like creating a sub-page just about a specific product you want to promote. This is the best option if you are looking to create a community separated from the main Page or you want to target a more specific audience. For example Microsoft did the same thing for the Office Page.  So before opting for this solution, make sure to understand your goal and if you really need to separate your Company from a specific product or service.

Creating a Showcase Page it’s easy. Just go on your Company Page, click on “Edit” and then “Create a Showcase Page”

how to add products and services linkein page

After that you just need to select the “Showcase Page name” and add the Page administrators. Then, simply fill out all the areas as a regular Company Page.

When the page is ready, you will see it on the right side of your Company Page. Just like this:

Add products and services on your LinkedIn Company Page

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