This is how free social wifi will open up a new way to engage with customers

Recently I talked about wiMAN, the social wifi network and how it works. But how could free social wifi be a new way to engage with customers? Well, let’s say you are in a restaurant and you are going to check for a free wifi network in the area. Once you find a free network you can easily connect with your Facebook and Google account, without a long password.

A business owner can upload a custom splash page and a landing page to show their customers new products, offers and coupons. At the same time he can check, with a custom dashboard, the analytics of the venue and discover more informations about his customers. Furthermore he can, later, reach out all his clients with custom emails. Clients are happy to surf for free, business owners are happy to get precious informations about their customers and attract new clients. But not only, watch the video to find out more about free social wifi!

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