A higher education means a higher paycheck?

Higher education means higher paycheck?

If you have just finished high school one of the question you may ask yourself could be: What kind of job will I do? or What kind of college do I choose?

Today is not an easy job to invest in our future and decide what can be the better college or the best city where to move to start our career.

H&R Block highlighted the scenario to show the best and worst college degrees and the best career paths where to focus.


If you are in the process of deciding your college major you’d better have a look at the most in-demand school degrees:

1 – Business Administration (31%)

2 – Computer and Information Sciences (24%)

3 – Engineering  (17%)

And the worst?

1- Anthropology and Archeology 

2- Film/Video and Photographic Arts

3- Fine Arts

The top occupations for recent college grads are: Nurse, Sales Representative, Accountant, Customer Service and Industrial Engineer ( see more in the infographic below)

And by Industry? What are the highest paying?

1- Mining, quarrying & Oil and Gas.

2- Management of Companies and Enterprises 

3- Construction 

These industries are calculated on the average starting salary.

But have a look at the best industries where to start your career considering their exponential growth:

1- Advertising (with a 55% year over year growth)

2- Computer Software (37%)

3- Accounting and Finance (36%)

To read the complete statistics have a look to the infographic below.

Good Luck!

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