Google acquires Polar, the graphic opinion poll service

Polar polls

Another new acquisition by Google. The tech giant has recently closed the deal buying the poll service startup Polar.

Today I’m delighted to announce we’re joining Google. But before embarking on this new journey, I wanted to thank everyone that was part of Polar.

Luke Wroblewski & Team Polar

Polar is a simple but powerful poll service that allows brand and people engage with their audience on a website or app. The service will be shout down by the end of 2014 and then the Polar team will join Google+.

One of the coolest thing of Polar was the simplicity and the rich graphic of polls that could be shared on a website, app or on social media. After voting, a user could decide to share the vote and poll on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Google acquires Polar share

Polar will help Google+ to improve users engagement and brands to create awesome graphic polls to get real time insights about their followers.

The sum of acquisition is unknown but the company says it has helped creating over half a billion polls and has over 1.1 million active voters. It also had raised $1.7 million in total funds before the acquisition.

Below is an example of polls created with Polar both from mobile app and web app.

Google acquires Polar Google acquires Polar startup

The founder, Luke Wroblewski, is not new in the business. He already co-founded Bagcheck, which was acquired by Twitter in 2011. Congrats Luke!