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Fare video con lo smartphone: gli accessori che devi avere

Una cosa e’ certa: i video sono HOT.

Il futuro…

Mous Musicase: a new phone case concept

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe

Fitbit announces three new activity trackers

After a 2014 not really easy for…

What do we use smartwatches for?

Since wearables are out…

How Jawbone UP fitness bracelet changed my lifestyle

A couple of months ago I decided to buy the famous Jawbone UP. What’s that? It’s a solid rubber bracelet that tracks all your activities, day and night.

The California based…

Yet another smartwatch: Sony Smartwatch 3

Smartwatches are popular, very popular. After the…

Google sfida Amazon e sperimenta la consegna con i droni

New Samsung Gear S: a game changer?

“Samsung is leading…

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