The free wifi invades Barcelona

During the amazing days of the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona between the 24th and 27th of February, the city was invaded by more than 85,000 attendees from over 200 countries. It is the biggest event in the world covering the full mobile scenario with trends and new products.

But the invasion wasn’t just by people. In fact, one of the other invasion in Barcelona was the free wifi.

Along the main streets of Barcelona you can connect to the wiMAN free wifi just everywhere.

wiMAN, the startup offering a free and social wifi, covered the event across the city. 4 girls were cruising across the streets with a 3G router in their bag offering a free and safe connection to all the people nearby! Free wifi and gadgets were appreciated by the thousands visitors in Barcelona.


free wifi barcelona 6 free wifi barcelona 2 free wifi barcelona

Connecting to a wiMAN router it’s very easy, you just need to login with your Facebook or Google account and in a few seconds you are online.

The coverage of free wifi wasn’t just limited to streets but also bars and restaurants. In some of the busiest spots of the city you can find wiMAN available and enjoy it.

free wifi barcelona 4

free wifi barcelona 5

free wifi barcelona 7foto 4-2

But why not connecting in mobility? The mobility routers also allows you to transform your car in a real hotspot and offer free wifi in a taxi or a bus. Just like Uber did in Italy!

That’s why you probably saw some FIAT 500 in Barcelona‘s streets during the Conference with a “Free wifi here” logo on the sides.

free wifi barcelona 8free wifi barcelona

WiMAN it’s a great marketing tool for business owners who want to offer free wifi to their clients and at the same time keep in touch with them. The innovative service is catching on across Europe. After strategic partnerships with Uber, Telecom and Facebook Italy, wiMAN is ready to go global.

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