The first robot bartender is here

bartendro tech

Technology exists to make our lives easier, right? Taking small, infinitely repeatable steps and controlling them with a machine has always been a hallmark of technology. Except now, the technology is delicious booze.

The good folks at Party Robotics have demonstrated just what the future of bartending looks like. Meet the Bartendro, a completely automated bartender that you can run from your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. Using three, seven, or even fifteen peristaltic pumps and a perfectly precise pour amount, Bartendro can not only mix perfect drinks, but also mix them the same way every single time. It’s so perfectly accurate, you can dispense up to six different liquors and juices into a single half-ounce. It’s like your own personal live-in bartender.


Not only is Bartendro easy to use, but easy to clean and maintain as well. Remember what I said about peristaltic pumps? Well, they don’t use any moving parts, so cleaning the Bartendro is as simple as washing the plastic tubes.

As for maintenance? All the software used in Bartendro is completely open-source; if you don’t know how to fix something, somebody else probably already has.

There is one unfortunate drawback to Bartendro, and that is his price. Costing around twenty-five hundred dollars for a Bartendro means that personal ownership may be a bit exclusive. However, the technology is perfect for small businesses and lounges as a full bartender, and in full-service bars as an assistant. If you’re looking for a precise drink every time, the Bartendro is poised to deliver.