Facebook vs Twitter: Some interesting data


Ok let’s hit immediately the point. You can compare Facebook with Twitter just because they are both social media.

Actually the most famous social media, but with reasonable different numbers as well. Facebook is the unquestioned winner in this comparison and below some numbers that shows how, Facebook vs Twitter it’s a challenge lost from the beginning.

Despite this, it’s interesting analyze some of these data and see how is the engagement, numbers and usage.

  • Facebook has over 1,3 billion active users, Twitter 271 million
  • Facebook pages with the most followers almost double Twitter’s profile with the most followers. For example, Shakira’s Facebook Fan Page has over 102 million followers and Katy Perry’s Twitter account has 53.9 million followers.
  • Facebook revenue hit 3 billion, Twitter 312 million
  • Twitter pays its interns $6,792 per month, Facebook “just” $6,213 per month.
  • Twitter users are the most engaged on mobile with 86% users using their smartphones. Facebook users hit the 68%
  • Every minute, Facebook counts 382,000 likes, Twitter 350,000 tweets.
  • Facebook drives 20x as much traffic as Twitter does. 

Facebook, founded 10 years ago, it’s the biggest social network worldwide and a real cash machine. With continuous improvements and more precise targeting is the favorite social media for advertisers.

Twitter, with the recent self-service ads platform open to everyone, is trying to conquer new market shares. Even if Facebook users are getting even more mobile oriented, Twitter (in percentage) is still the most engaging for smartphones users.



Infographic: Twitter Versus Facebook | Statista

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