Yes, Email marketing is still very important to grow your business

In the digital era everybody is trying to invent something new and relevant to leverage their digital marketing strategy.

Mobile usage is growing more and more and “by 2016 there are expected to be more smartphones in the world than people

So why just concentrate on a fancy app, new engagement strategies and SoLoMo competitions? Email Marketing is still very important and here are 3 bullet points to confirm it:

1. EMAIL IS PERSONAL AND DIRECT: Most of people are focused on native apps and push notifications but smartphones are the n.1 place where you check your emails. Directly, personally and immediately. Even more, we are more likely to buy something when we receive emails offers. And, most important, pictures links and drive traffic to your website.

2.EMAIL IS MORE PROFESSIONAL THAN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: If you are running a B2B business sometime you don’t fell comfortable approaching clients on social networks. Emails are still the most professional way to do it.

3.NUMBERS COUNT: Email users are almost three time more than Facebook and Twitter users combined. They make up just 0.2% of the number of emails sent each day.

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So, before considering something new, look at your email marketing strategy. Is it good?

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