Build an audience, sell a product.

build an audience

When it comes to sales and marketing tips, a lot of gurus and marketers talk about the latest and brightest techniques used to develop a new skill.

Everyday there’s a new method and a new formula to use. But, yet, all these principles are reduced to a simple statement…

Build and audience and sell them a product.

Yes, because the reality is that people love to buy, but they want to do that from people they love, follow and admire. You can buy a pair of shoes everywhere but you probably always buy your shoes in the same ecommerce or shop because you have a relationship with that store.

Maybe you like the look and feel of the website, may be you like the warm emails, or may be it’s because of the way they make you feel. Online sales are also made by real and personal relationships, and the more personal a brand make us feel, the more we trust it.

Same thing in business, you can buy a consultation from so many people, but at the end of the day you prefer to be helped from a person you know, or you’ve been following for a long time.

And of course, we usually purchase from someone we trust.

Build an audience

The first goal of you marketing strategy is to grow a loyal audience. An audience that loves your products, your brand and it’s genuinely interested in what you are doing.

This audience needs to be nurtured with value.

What do I mean?

It means that people follow you just if you create value and something interesting to them. The more specific your topic will be, the more targeted will be your audience.

You don’t necessary need to have 1 million followers. An audience can be made by 10, 100 or 1,000 people, but what you need first is their interest and feedbacks.

Once you have created a first strong group of loyal people it will be easier to scale and engage a larger number of people.

Sell a product

Once you have created an engaged and trusted audience you can develop your product. A product can be a physical or a digital product, as a training, a course, or a new app. Your early users and buyers will be represented by your first loyal close circle and top engaged followers.

Once you get the feedbacks from them, your products is ready to scale up and reach a wider number of people.The most important thing is to create a product designed and tailored for your audience, something they really need and they have manifested a deep interested on that.

That’s a lean way to create a start a business. Many people create a product and then they build up an audience. Doing the opposite process will guarantee you to have someone ready to buy your products or services, and more importantly, that there’s a market fit for it.

In the next posts we will discover how you can build your audience and the channels you can use to do that.