#BendGate. The new iPhone is bending for real?

The new iPhone is bending

During the last week a viral news has invaded social media. It’s the #BendGate (trending Twitter hashtag), a phenomenon involving the new iPhone 6 Plus which, according to some sources, it’s extremely easy to bend.

The viral story began when a guy posted a video saying that, according to MacRumors, the new iPhone Plus is light, shining and bendable. Other people stated complained on social media about the same issue, posting pictures denouncing the bend gate. Yes, that’s not the best marketing ad for the Cupertino company but, apparently all of this was just a plot against Apple.

Of course, the new iPhone is made with aluminum and it’s also very thin, but is that enough to bend it. People using the iPhone 6 Plus for a couple of days reported that, keeping it in their pockets is enough to start seeing a light deformation. The video below, published by Unbox Therapy, seems to confirm the problem. The guy just used bend his new iPhone just using his hands.


And when it comes the competition with Apple, Samsung replies! And so, the same video, has been done with the Galaxy Note 3, which is actually the direct competitor of the iPhone 6 Plus. And, apparently, the result it’s a little bit different. With the same, and even more, stress the Samsung‘s model didn’t bent at all. Nice marketing move from Samsung.

But even a deeper test was conducted by ConsumerReports, tested with a professional machine, the stress capacity of different smartphones models, leaving behind any marketing intermission. This video looks the more neutral. Below is the video and the bend test chart, with specifics for each model before start bending.

The new iPhone is bending for real

The new iPhone 6 and the HTC One, according to the test, are the most flexible among the models tested and the Plus as well. We have to consider that the weight pressure is 70 pounds (about 31 kg) so is not so easy to bend it involuntarily. The issue denounced by people who deformed it keeping in the pocket so it’s possible.

If you droop yourself, and you’re concentrating the weight into a crucial point you’d better don’t doing it with an iPhone 6 in your pocket!

This test is not a good marketing evidence for Apple and probably will discourage some people from buying the new iPhone. The Apple’s smartphone is the thinnest ever and this is another reason why it’s the most easy to bend. But is it enough to convince you paying $800?

You choose! 🙂