3 Affiliate Networks you should consider to boost your sales

affiliate networks sales

Affiliate networks are a great way to boost your sales and spread your brand or products on line. But what is exactly? Affiliate Marketing is a performance based channel to promote and sell your products by other people (affiliate) that will get a commission for every single transactions they do. The players, in Affiliate Marketing, are the Merchant (or Advertiser), selling; the Network, that contains offers an affiliate can choose; the Publisher (or affiliate), that will promote the merchant’s products and the customer, the core of the business. Affiliate Marketing is often confused with Referral Marketing, which is different because counting on a more “personal” relationship between sellers and buyers. The remuneration model depends on the platform and the kind of model an affiliate choose. It can be a Pay per Sale model, a Pay per Lead or a Pay per Click. So, if you are a publisher you can recommend products or services your audience might appreciate and earn a commission for an action every customer do ( depending on which one of the above models you choose). So would you like to start earning or selling with one of those affiliate networks?

Here are 3 networks you should consider to start:

1. COMMISSION JUNCTIONCreated in 1999 this is one of the most famous and known affiliate networks and offers affiliate, media, and tracking services and provides either a self-management or company-managed option for your affiliate relationships.

2. ShareASaleShareASale has been in business for 13 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. It is a trusted network because the customer care and the efficiency of the system.

3. ZANOX: It is the largest network in Europe and it has over 4,200 advertisers with over 90 millions transactions per year. Between the advertisers big names of the ecommerce such as Zalando and Groupon.

These are just three of the many Affiliate Networks available to increase your sales or commission. If you are a merchant looking to boost your sales or a blogger looking to earn some money this is the place to be!