A month with an iPhone 6 Plus. Big phone, big battery

After a month of researches, feedbacks and video reviews, I opted for the “Big Big” iPhone 6 Plus. And I was right

This is not a review. The web is pretty covered and another one is not necessary. This is just a personal experience and a brief feedback.

Despite the initial impact with a 5.5″ screen, after a few days I got used to it. At the beginning  you fell like having a little iPad in the hands, and if you want to type with a hand you need a new grip.

But once you try it you won’t go back. Reading emails, watching videos, pictures and surfing on the web it’s a brand new experience. If you pick your old iPhone back again it will like being “pressed”.

But let’s talk about the size. Even though it’s a 5.5″ screen it’s thin enough to keep it in your pocket without feeling it. If you wear skinny trousers you’ll notice, of course, the largeness but it won’t obstacle or limit your movements.

You are may be wondering also about the “Bend-Gate” and if it bends for real or not. Of course it bends! It’s an aluminum and thin case, so if you try to bend it, it bends! But don’t expect to see it changing shape from nowhere.


One of the most interesting feature on the iPhone 6 Plus it’s the landscape mode. With this option you’ll enjoy your phone as an iPad and have a panoramic and more complete overview of your emails, Safari tabs or Settings. Since I got it I’ve never used the iPad anymore and sometimes I don’t even turn on my Mac to watch videos or read long blog posts.

The most of the apps have already released a new version for the Plus (LinkedIn for example) and the main menu apps shelves can also contain more apps.

But definitely the best upgrade of the iPhone 6 Plus is the battery. Officially Apple reports better battery performances both for calls and for 4G/LTE internet navigation.

Iphone 6 Plus battery

After a month with the Plus one of the biggest benefit I have gained is the battery life. Now I can finally use it and hangout all day long without bringing with me a charger or an external battery.

Of course it depends on your usage but, as you can see in the infographic above, numbers count. The iPhone 6 has an improved battery compared to the iPhone 5s and with the 6 Plus you can really notice the difference.

iPhone 6 Plus sales boomed the last quarter. The reason is because we are using increasingly less our tablet and more our smartphone, and now, with the arrival of the new Watch, the trend will be to use the smartwatch as a second screen.

So, what’s your experience?