A look into the future

a look into the futureIf you work in the tech industry you already know that everything is changing fast here. Sometimes too fast.

When you have a new “incredible” idea most of the time someone else has already created it. Faster and better than you originally imagined.

A techpreneur or startupper today, must have a look into the future and understand upcoming trends and needs. In fact Silicon Valley’s mantra is “Fail fast, fail better”. But is this slogan true? Or at least, is it necessary?

The power of knowledge

One of the most important and valuable success factor is the knowledge. In fact, it’s because of that if we could know in advance if something worked or not, or if a specific technique used in the past was successful.

Today isn’t easy to be in the loop and know everything that is going on. Is it better to study and know the market needs or to create a product and discover later on that the market doesn’t want it?

So, how can we foresee the future and be always ready and knowledgable?

Find the right tools

There are several websites and tools you can use to monitor news and trends and have deeper insights on a specific topic. For example, Product Hunt, is one of those.

Product Hunt is a daily list of new tech products (tech gadgets, apps, and tools) people can upload and up-votes. It’s a good way to be always posted on what’s going on. You can also add comments to the daily posts and follow users. This is my profile on PH.

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