5 ways Netflix changed my habits (and might change yours)

Netflix changed my habits

When I first discovered Netflix I barely could believe it.

I was in New York and, as a newbie italian in the tech industry, It seemed to me like a revolution. An online platform where you can enjoy movies, series and any kind of show for just $7,99 a month? And legally?….WOW. That’s the future. I thought.

It’s been a while since I’m enjoying Netflix and I am still pretty impressed about the quality of this streaming platform.

At the time, one of the main reasons I decided to start watching Netflix, was because of the language (and also today). Since Netflix (US) is obviously in English, with english subtitles, it was a good alternative to iTunes if I wanted to entertain myself and practice my english at the same time. Yes, movies and series are not always the latest you can find in DVDs or on iTunes, but, on Netflix, these are new enough to always find something interesting to watch.

Today, even if it’s not yet available in Italy, Netflix is one of the things I just can’t get rid of. Here’s why:

1. I can enjoy it everywhere:

If you travel, move abroad or just commute, Netflix follows you. Thanks to the online platform and the apps you can just connect everywhere and start watching your favorite series wherever you are. Even in your bed!

2. I can lose myself binge watching my favorite series:

One of my favorites tv shows ever is Miami Vice. Several years ago I tried to find all the 5 seasons on DVDs, but it was hard to find them all. On Netflix you can be sure to find tons of different shows divided by seasons and spend an entire week-end binge watching all of them. Same thing for Breaking Bad or Dexter. Amazing!

3. I improved my english having fun:

As I said before, Netflix can be a good partner if you are looking to improve your english. In my case, there are not italian subtitles, just english, but it’s good enough to let you understand pretty much everything if you are at an elementary level. It’s even better, so you can concentrate more listening to dialogues without just reading.


4. I expanded my interests and knowledge:

Since you can enjoy many different content, I started exploring new categories such as documentaries and reports. For example Bloomberg’s documentary films Inside and Game Changers are really interesting to gain a deeper education about international businesses and entrepreneurship.

Netflix changed my habits series

5. It’s Exclusive:

Thanks to the recent partnerships and continued growth of the company, Netflix started to broadcast exclusive content you can preview just on the streaming tv. It is the case of House of Cards, Orange and BoJack Horseman. These shows are getting pretty popular and they started their success on Netflix.

Netflix in expanding fast over the world and it’s already landed in some european Country. If you want to watch the famous streaming tv in your country but it’s not available yet, take a look at the post below: you might find it interesting!

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