5 Key digital trends for 2015 you need to know

Digital trends 2015

2014 is coming to the end and new forecasts for the next year are popping up.

So what digital trends could we expect for 2015?

Despite it’s just one year we all know how fast is changing the digital industry and, what could appear as something absolutely new the last year, might be old the next.

Advertising is getting more and more targeted and new devices and tools are arising to help marketers engage in new ways with users.

In 2015 we must keep in mind these keywords: Automation, IoT, cross-device and mobile. 

But what exactly these 5 digital trends for 2015 are? Here you go!


1. Responsive is the word you’ll ear all year-long

Mobile it’s been a trending topic for the last few years but numbers are growing in double digits every year. Mobile is not just about mobile applications, social networks and gaming. It’s about responsiveness , UI and UX.

If you haven’t yet a responsive website, set it up as soon as possible!

 Digital trends 2015 mobile

2. Mobile will touch everything

We are assisting to an incredible switch to mobile and smartphones are not just as our primary resource of information but also, a social tool, a personal trainer and a store open 24 hours a day. We must think at it as the door to a digital world and our digital channels must be ready to welcome people at the entrance. Content, commerce, advertising, industry: everything will be involved. 2015 will see also mobile search reach the tipping point.

An example of integrated mcommerce with WeChat

An example of integrated mcommerce with WeChat

3. The future of marketing lies with automation

Since digital marketing and online content are massively growing, we need even more powerful tools to manage content, emails and social streams. That’s why marketing automation is so important.

Automation consists in the action-reaction system: An example? You get a newsletter subscriber and an email can be sent automatically to that user; a customer purchase a particular product and a special offer is automatically sent out to him; A user visits your websites and you can automatically send him an email to invite him take a particular action.

As you can imagine the potential of marketing automation is immense. You can have a “robot” work for you so you could invest more time producing compelling content, outline new strategies or simply save your time.

Discover more about marketing automation here 

Digital trends automation

4. Cross device targeting

Facebook, with Atlas, shows it can work. Target and reach users across multiple devices is the new challenge for marketers. The goal is to better understand consumers’ habits and deliver the right messages to the right people in the places and moments that perform best.

Digital Trends 2015

5. The internet of things (IoT)

Yes, finally isn’t just a prototype or a trend. IoT is here and now. I am talking about the new digital trend of the Internet of Things, or connected devices. If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, Internet of Things means a physical object or device connected online. Nest, the famous home appliances company just acquired by Google, is an example.

Nest produces home thermostats that can be turned on and off even when you’re not home. Imagine to setup the perfect temperature for your apartment when you are not home and activate the thermostat the second you leave the office to come back home. This means a better lifestyle and a sensible saving.


But Home appliances is just an example of the world of connected devices. Wearables, such as smatwatches are and other cool connected devices, are revolutionizing the health and sport industry.

Below are also 5 “maybe” trends. It means something that you should keep an eye on in 2015:

1. Wearables are not quite ready to wear. Tons of new devices are out every week, but are we ready to wear and actually use them?

2. Mobile Payments are still in stand by mode but with Apple Pay they could be huge

3. Social Commerce offers promise.

4. Content could overload users.

5. Cord-cutting and streaming platforms. Streaming platforms are growing but TV is still a dominant player.

Source and data: eMarketer