4 ways to create explosives posts titles

posts titles

If you are creating content you also know how important strong posts titles are to drive traffic to your website and make your audience interested in your fresh content. But how important blog posts titles are?

The average 80% of people read just the title and the other 20% don’t want to spend too much time reading a content. The problem is that we are surrounded by thousands of blog posts, articles, news, videos and pictures and we want to watch everything and nothing at the same time. Even if a post or article is really interesting we won’t invest too much time reading it because, usually, we are doing something else at the same time. Often we are just “snooping” and we are not concentrated as we would for a book.

Here are four ways to boost your posts titles 

1. USE BULLET POINTS OR A LIST: Providing a short list that anticipate a content clear and easy to read will make your title more engaging.

ex. 7 Social Media Trends for 2014 

2. BEGIN YOUR POST WITH “HOW TO..” : Tutorials are very common in blog posts and help people do something will is a good lead

ex. How to watch Netflix in another Country 

3. SUGGEST TO AVAOID ERRORS: People don’t love mistakes so if you are offering a solution to a problem readers will be attracted by your content. ( ex. The most common mistake brands do..

ex. The worst 5 errors brands do on Facebook

4. ASK QUESTIONS: Strong posts titles beginning with a question make easy a call to action and catch the attention of new readers.

ex. What is a Bitcoin? 7 things you should know about it

Sometime you can combine the different points and create the perfect mix. Try to frequently analyze what your audience prefers to create more attractive titles.

Are you looking to plan a content strategy? Contents are essentials for lead generation.

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